Size and Weight limits

No matter the size and weight of your package, Fast Courier can find a courier service that will cater to your needs. All you have to do is enter the weight, dimensions and destination of your package into our user-oriented quote form, and we will give you a selection of companies and prices to choose from.

Many of the courier services in our network are equipped to handle everything from small boxes to large pallets. Below we outline the guidelines from a few of the most popular companies, including CouriersPlease, Toll, Aramax and Northline.

How do courier companies determine shipping costs?

Before we get into the specific rules regarding package size and weight, it’s important to understand how courier services calculate shipping rates. Generally speaking, they will do so using the volumetric weight of your package.

Also known as dimensional weight, volumetric weight indicates how much space your package will take up when it is in transit. So it’s more about the size of the package than the weight. Sometimes a courier will compare the volumetric weight with the actual weight and use the larger number to determine shipping costs.

Fast Courier is happy to do the calculations for you: just complete our quote form with the details of your shipment and leave the rest to us.

Size and weight limits by company

Different courier services have different rules regarding how big and heavy a package can be. CouriersPlease, for example, will accept a package with a length of up to 1.8m and a weight of up to 32kg. With that said, they prefer packages under 1m in length and 25kg in weight.

Toll, another leading courier in Australia, offers same-day delivery for packages weighing 30kg or less. Such packages also qualify for Toll’s express and economy international delivery services.

Similar limits apply to packages being shipped via Northline, which stipulates that anything weighing more than 25kg must be shrink-wrapped to a pallet.

If you’re shipping your package with Aramax, note that items weighing 12kg or more have to be packaged using a heavy-duty double-layered board at the bottom of the carton.

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