Freight Calculator

Are you looking for Freight and Shipping costs in Australia?  At Fast Courier we offer an easy and efficient way for you to calculate Freight and Pallet costs across multiple Freight Providers.

We have built a Freight Delivery calculator that aggregates Freight shipping quotes from Australia's top couriers making it easy for you to compare and save on every pallet or freight delivery.

What is a Freight calculator?

A freight calculator is a tool that enables users to calculate how much they will be charged for shipping based on a number of inputs provided. The reason freight calculators exist is because there are way too many possible combinations of shipping inputs that any manual calculators would be prone to error.

This is why we have built our own freight calculator at Fast Courier. Our freight calculator goes a step further by pulling in freight quotes from multiple freight and logistics providers giving you more delivery options. This is different from individual freight calculators like TNT, Allied Express, Toll or Star Track freight calculator that only provides prices from the range of freight services from that freight provider.

We love to give our customers options and our freight calculator has been built especially for that!

How to calculate freight charges?

Calculating freight charges is a complicated technique. As mentioned above there are so many possibilities that need to be factored in when calculating freight charges. For example, we need to know the pick up and drop off details, dimensions (length, width and height), weight, insurance cover, how urgent the delivery is...and so on. Now imagine if you had to do this calculation manually for multiple freight providers, it would get complicated very fast right.

This is why we built fast courier, our freight calculator uses complicated technology to run these calculations for you. We access freight rates at the exact time of your inquiry from multiple freight providers then crunch the numbers and only bring up options that best suit your needs saving you time and money.

With the freight industry becoming more and more critical to business operations use Fast Couriers Freight Calculator to compare freight quotes in real time and book with ease.

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