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Sometimes, you absolutely need to be sure that delivery will be made by a certain time. It could be that your customer is out at work, or that the contents of your package is time-sensitive and requires urgent delivery. No matter what it is, use Fast Courier’s Time Definite courier comparison service to ensure you find the right company for your needs.

Time Definite Courier

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A Time Definite courier is a type of courier that specialises in door-to-door delivery of your parcels by either a specified time and day or by the end of the next possible working day (so, excluding weekends). Most couriers will offer a time booking system that allows you to choose a time slot that best suits you.

What are the different types of Time Definite courier?

Usually, Time Definite couriers differ simply on whether or not they offer international shipping and delivery, or simply just local. Both have their advantages over the other; local-only Time Definite couriers are more likely to offer faster delivery as it’s a shorter travel period between the drop-off point and point of reception. International Time Definite couriers offer more reach, which is ideal for businesses that have an overseas customer base.

Who is a Time Definite courier for?

Time Definite couriers are ideal for both businesses sending out products, and individuals sending out the odd parcel here and there. The common ground is that Time Definite courier services are for those Australians that need their parcels delivering as soon as possible, with a deadline in mind.

When is a Time Definite courier the right option of delivery for you?

It’s pretty obvious by now that a Time Definite courier is the right option of delivery for those that require their parcels delivered to their destination by a designated time slot. If you’re sending a parcel and don’t mind when it reaches its receiver, we might recommend that standard road freight for in-state deliveries, or air freight for overseas could be the better options.

Why choose Time Definite couriers?

There are many reasons for opting for a Time Definite courier. Firstly, you’re guaranteed a swift and safe delivery of your parcel. Secondly, it gives you, as the receiver, peace of mind that your parcel should arrive by a certain allocated slot and, if this is the case, you know you need to chase it. It means you won’t be left in the dark waiting for sporadic updates or living in fear of receiving the dreaded ‘Lost in Transit’ emails.

What goods can be sent via Time Definite couriers?

Usually, there is no limit on what can be sent via Time Definite courier as long as the parcel is travelling to and from a location within Australia. If you’re using a form of air Time Definite courier, then there could be the usual air travel restrictions and bans in place. Also research with your chosen courier beforehand to ensure you won’t get any nasty surprises, especially if you plan on shipping goods such as plants, fresh food produce, liquids, or certain forms of medication that may be prohibited.

Why compare Time Definite couriers?

You want to make sure that the Time Definite courier you choose to go with when sending your parcel can guarantee the time slot you need. For instance, one courier could guarantee same and next day delivery, while others can only guarantee up to a week. By comparing Time Definite couriers in an easy-to-navigate format such as the one offered by Fast Courier, you can rest assured that you’re picking the right choice of Australian courier company for you.


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  • How can Fast Courier help?

    Fast Courier can aid you in your search for the most suitable choice of Time Definite courier by drawing up all of the relevant information from our handy databases into one thorough, handy guide. This will enable you to look through all of the differences between couriers to find the one suitable for your needs. Fast Courier’s guides are among the most expansive on the internet, so we’re sure you’ll be able to find what you’re after.

  • Multiple items?

    This should be no problem! Of course, if you’re shipping a large number of items to multiple addresses then it won’t be all the same time slot and there may be some discrepancy, but as long as you take the time to plan out where and when each delivery is needed by, and that this is clearly communicated with your courier, you should be fine.

  • Same or next day delivery?

    Again, this is dependant on the Time Definite courier offering the service. Sometimes, it is more than possible for items to be delivered either on the same day or next day – preferably with the former, you’ll get your parcel with the courier as soon as possible that morning. You can check whether or not a Time Definite courier offers same and next day delivery in Australia using the Fast Courier comparison guide.

  • Why choose Fast Courier?

    Fast Courier offers an unmatched level of comparison service between couriers in Australia, including those offering Time Definite delivery services. Our guides are easy to follow, meaning you can reach an informed judgement quickly and without confusion or hesitation. Get started by browsing our website today to find out more about how our comparison guides can help you find the perfect courier.

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