Shipping Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are commonly bought and sold on e-commerce sites like eBay. Fortunately they are relatively easy to package and ship. Due to their light weight and small dimensions, mobile phones are also quite inexpensive to send domestically through the post.

If you have sold a mobile phone and are looking for a reputable courier service to deliver it, head over to our quote tool. There you can enter the details of your shipment (including size, weight, and destination), and you will be provided with a selection of courier companies to choose from. Fast Courier is here to ensure that you get the best service at the lowest price.

Below are some tips on how to correctly package and ship a mobile phone.

  • Use a new box that is only slightly larger than the manufacturer’s packaging. If the phone is used or you do not have the original packaging, make sure you bubble-wrap each component individually so that they do not sustain any damage during transit.
  • The mobile phone should not move around once it is packed. If you find that there is too much free space in the box, use a soft material like foam or newspaper to fill in the gaps. It is also a good idea to mark the package “Fragile.” Then you can rest assured that the phone will be handled with appropriate care.
  • Find the best method of delivery by filling out the Fast Courier quote form and comparing prices offered by Australia’s leading courier companies. Bear in mind that various next-day and even same-day delivery options are available for urgent shipments.
  • Consider insuring your package. That way, in the off chance that something happens to the phone while it is being shipped, you won’t be liable.
  • Before selecting a courier service, take a minute to confirm that the company does not include mobile phones on its prohibited items list. Note: because most cargo airlines will not carry batteries, it can be difficult to find a courier that will ship mobile phones internationally.

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