Shipping Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are sold on websites like eBay and Amazon all the time. But because they come in many different shapes, sizes and weights, the task of preparing them for shipping can be a difficult one. Shipping rates can also be pricey for the same reason.

Regardless of whether the instrument is in a case (but especially if it isn’t), you need to take the time to package it in a way that offers adequate protection against the potential wear and tear of the shipping process.

Boxing the instrument

The first thing to do is find the right box. Again, because of the unusual shape and size of some instruments, this oftentimes presents a challenge. Take guitars for example. Not only do they have an awkward shape, but they are also remarkably fragile. Fortunately, many guitar stores have extra boxes lying around, and they may let you take one at no charge.

If you are unable to obtain one from your local store, guitar boxes are available to purchase online. That goes for other instruments as well. You will be paying a little extra, of course, but that’s better than taking a risk with an ill-fitting box.

When packing your instrument, it is imperative that you wrap it with bubble wrap or another type of cushion before placing it in the carton. Fragile areas should be wrapped twice or even three times.

Shake test

An instrument that’s shifting around during transit has a higher risk of being damaged, so there should be little to no empty space in the box. Fill in any voids with padding like newspaper or foam. You want the instrument to be completely insulated and immobilised. Always perform a “shake test” before taping the box closed.

Needless to say, an instrument that is in a secure case has a much better chance of arriving at its destination unscathed. Use a case whenever possible.

Shipping rates

The cost of shipping will depend on the size and weight of your package. To see a list of pricing and delivery options from Australia’s top courier services, head over to the Fast Courier quote calculator and plug in the details of your package plus the destination address.

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