Addressing a package or letter to the UK

The United Kingdom is among the most common destination for international packages coming from Australia. On Fast Courier, you’re just a few clicks away from finding a delivery service that will deliver your package to the UK in a timely and affordable fashion.

But no matter how good the courier service is, your package doesn’t stand a very good chance of reaching its destination if it’s addressed incorrectly. Keep reading to see how to write a UK address properly.

UK address format

The format of a UK address is much like that of a US address. The main difference is that you do not have to include a state or county when writing a UK address. Instead, all you need is the city/town and the postcode. These go on different lines. Here is the proper format:

[Name of Addressee]

[Street Address]




Unlike US addresses, which typically include a comma between the city/town and the state, there are no commas or full stops in a UK address.

UK postcode

The postcode is a combination of letters and numbers separated by a space. The total characters will number between five and seven. See the example below:

John Doe

333 Burgess Court


M1 2NS


As you can see, the city/town and postcode are written in all upper case letters. If there is a building name or company name, you can write that on the second line, in between the addressee’s name and the street address.

Remember: write clearly and neatly, align your text to the left, and always include a return address.

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