Shipping Golf Clubs

Whether you’re bringing your golf clubs with you on a trip or you have sold a set of irons on eBay, sending them with a courier is a good low-cost solution. Few people want to deal with the hassle and expense associated with checking their clubs at the airport. You can save yourself a lot of money and frustration by booking a courier service through Fast Courier.

Finding the fastest and most affordable delivery option is only a few minutes away—just fill out our quote form with the package details and shipping address, and you’ll instantly be given a list of couriers and prices to compare.

How should golf clubs be packaged?

Golf clubs are a pretty high value item, so you want to make sure you do a great job packing them. Always err on the side of caution; the last thing you want is to arrive at your holiday destination only to discover that one or more of your clubs were damaged in transit. This can be avoided by following the packing guidelines below.

If you’re shipping a full set of golf clubs in a bag, it is highly recommended that you purchase a golf travel bag. These bags are designed to offer your clubs maximum protection during shipping. Golf travel bags can be purchased at most golf stores as well as many online retailers.

Even if you have a golf travel bag, you should still wrap each of your clubs with bubble wrap. Wrap them twice to be on the safe side.

The next step is finding a suitable shipping box. Considering the weight and value of the shipment, the box will have to be new and very durable. Select one that is built to carry heavier goods. After putting the golf travel bag into the box, use additional bubble wrap or another type of padding so that bag doesn’t move around. Seal the box with packaging tape; when in doubt, use more, not less.

Individual clubs

If you’re sending individual clubs with no bag, wrap them two or even three times with bubble wrap before placing them in the shipping container. There will likely be considerable space inside the box. Fill this with more bubble wrap or newspaper.

Woods and drivers are typically more fragile than irons, so be extra cautious when packing them.

Book a shipping service via Fast Courier

When you’re finished packing your clubs, use our quote tool to find the best prices from Australia’s leading courier services. Depending on the destination, same day delivery may be available. You can also arrange for the driver to pick up the package from your house.

If you’re shipping the clubs overseas, remember that you are obliged to fill out a customs declaration form.

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