How to Send Brakes via Courier

Shipping your brakes via courier is not difficult. However, you will need to package them in a way that will ensure they get posted and that they arrive in good condition. 

Preparation and packaging

The package needs to be robust enough to protect them from being damaged during postage. It also needs to have a means of securing the brakes to ensure they don’t move around during transport. 

Wrap the calipers in bubble wrap. Ensure there is bubble wrap between each caliper. You can also use old newspapers to fill up any gaps between the calipers. The calipers should be tightly wrapped. 

Don’t worry about the tape on the bubble wrap since the tape isn’t going to protect the calipers during transport and delivery. We will replace the tape with a secure hold down strap. 

Before posting, you will need to secure the brakes with a hold down strap. The hold down strap is a metal strap that will secure the brakes in a horizontal position. You can buy a hold down strap from an auto parts store. The strap needs to be long enough to go from the top of the box to the bottom. 

You should also put extra padding in the box to make sure the brakes are protected. The extra padding should be placed around the brake assembly. The padding could be bubble wrap, old newspaper, or even old clothes. 

Securing your box 

Make sure to use a strong box to transport the brakes. A strong box will ensure the brakes are protected during postage. 

You will also want to make sure the box is weatherproof. Avoid sending any boxes that aren’t weatherproof. 

Sealing the box 

Seal the box to ensure it doesn’t get damaged during delivery. You can use heavy duty tape to seal the box. You can also use several layers of tape to secure the box before sending. 

You need the tape to be very strong. Make sure the box is completely sealed before posting. If there are any gaps, it will allow the brakes to move around in the box. If the brakes move, they will be damaged. 

Shipping your brakes 

When you ship your brakes via courier, make sure the courier is insured. The brakes are very expensive to replace. If the brakes you are sending are damaged during delivery, you want the courier company to pay for the cost of replacing the brakes. 

Another thing to consider before sending your box out for delivery would be to tell the driver about the brakes. The courier driver needs to make sure the brakes are transported with care. Make sure the driver knows the brakes are a valuable item. 

Contact a courier company to get a quote for shipping the brakes. You can also contact local transport carriers to see if they will ship the brakes. You should try to compare the prices from different companies. The courier company with the best price is the one you should use. 

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