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Need cheap couriers for an urgent shipment, or looking for cheap domestic couriers? At Fast Courier, we cover every aspect of shipping equally. Whether you’re shipping a large number of items or a single item that’s needed the next day urgently, we do our best to accommodate your needs. Check out our additional services today to discover why Fast Courier is the best option for you.


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Use our calculator to find the best courier quotes Australia wide


Most common courier quote questions

  • Does Fast Courier include all cheap couriers?

    Fast Courier offers a comprehensive, wide range of cheap courier services across Australia and beyond. If you’re looking for a cheap courier quote for interstate delivery, local delivery, or even international delivery, we will have multiple different options for you to choose from. We provide the cheap courier quotes, and you choose the price and service that’s right for you.

  • Can I track through Fast Courier?

    Yes, you can track a range of different deliveries through Fast Courier! Visit our tracking page with your tracking number to keep an eye on a parcel you’re sending, or to follow the progress of a package that you will be receiving. You can see all couriers that include tracking on our parcel tracking page <a href=””>here</a>.

  • Do I need to drop off my parcel?

    We’re all about efficiency at Fast Courier, and that includes picking up your parcel directly from your doorstep. Whether your property is residential or commercial, we’ll come to you to pick your parcels up and get them on their way, and then drop them off on the recipient’s doorstep at the other end.

  • Do you provide shipping across the whole of Australia?

    As a courier quotes comparison site, we make sure that every part of Australia is covered regarding the services we offer. If you want to ship to somewhere else in Australia, we’d be more than happy to help. Enter your details, and we’ll provide the quotes.

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