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Domestic Freight

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Domestic Freight is the transportation of goods within a single country, across states or across the country, without crossing borders. Though it includes air and sea transport, most domestic freight deliveries are done using mainly road and rail transport services.

Domestic shipments are usually handled by domestic freight forwarding companies. Even for inexperienced shippers, it is highly beneficial for big and small businesses to hire domestic freight forwarders as they take the burden and complexities involved in the shipping process, so you can concentrate on your business. Domestic freight forwarders focus on getting your deliveries across the country from point A to point B as efficient and as fast as possible. They take care of everything the shipment process involves. This includes booking, insurance and other paperwork, storage, and most especially, transportation.

In addition, establishing a good relationship with your chosen domestic freight company definitely helps improve the smoothness and efficiency of your delivery, as this encourages them to go beyond basic service when handling any unexpected issues that may arise throughout the shipment process.

There is a wide range of domestic freight forwarding companies providing courier and freight services, along with various transport solutions that suit the specific needs of big and small businesses.

Domestic freight and courier services vary in price and speed, depending on your shipment’s physical variables--such as size and dimensions, and other transport requirements your goods may need. For domestic shipments, the only document you will typically need is a shipping label. And unlike international shipping, there are less restrictions on which types of products you are allowed to ship domestically. Today, there is a wide variety of specialized services to match the multitude of products being shipped in the domestic market.

In Australia, a number of independent domestic freight and courier companies offering local and regional deliveries provide a wide range of transport solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Partnering up with a shipping expert like Fast Courier can narrow down and tailor your options according to your budget when it comes to regional or interstate deliveries, including options for same-day and next-day delivery services.

Whether your product is small, large or has irregular dimensions, you can take advantage of professional packing service providers to give the necessary advice or solutions, and help ensure your item’s safety and security from pick-up to delivery.

If you’re looking to transport larger products or goods in higher volume, your domestic shipping choices will start to include transport methods such as delivery trucks, freight trains and sea carriers.

Each method has its own advantages, although trucks are particularly more flexible compared to the others because of road access. They can also be comparatively faster and can be more cost effective if your product can be transported together with other shippers’ items in the same trailer.

For even bigger and heavier deliveries, trains can be the most suitable. Although, usually, trucks are still required for transfers from pick-up point to train, and from train to delivery destination.

Ocean carriers are also ideal for large cargo shipments but, as with trains, trucks will still need to do the pick-up and delivery stages of the shipment process.

The same goes for air carriers, but they are faster; offer more flexibility and stability, ideal for regular shipments; and provide easier tracking and tracing while your item is in transit.

There is a variety of domestic freight and courier service options to choose from, but the three most commonly offered are:

Standard Delivery

Standard is the most inexpensive domestic delivery option. Items weighing up to 5kg are qualified and can be delivered to any location within Australia. The price is based on your product’s weight and the size of the packaging you choose. You can choose small, medium, large and extra large boxes to pack your item in. Standard deliveries also include tracking, option to add extra cover, and signature on delivery.

Next-Day Delivery

Next-Day Delivery can be used to transport a wider range of shapes, weights and sizes. Although, if your item is 5kg or less and is bound for a major city, it usually qualifies as standard flat-rate next-day delivery. It is ideal for items worth AUS$100 or lower. This option includes most Australian addresses, detailed tracking, additional extra cover option, and signature on delivery option.

In addition, you can also choose to personally take your package to the post office or a yellow street posting box; or you can arrange parcel pick-up directly from your home or office.

Same-Day Delivery

This option is the fastest of the three. Delivery time can be as quick as only four hours after booking, especially when booking is made within a Central Business District or metro network. It is available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart. This option also includes door-to-door delivery and an electronic proof of delivery. When using same-day delivery service, shippers can also benefit from less restrictions as compared to national network freight. Prices are transparent, and detailed tracking options include SMS or email notifications for booking, pick-up and delivery confirmations. If you book early in the day, you can choose between Standard, Express or Immediate Priority for even more accuracy in delivery time.

At Fast Courier, we provide expert help and solutions to your domestic freight and courier needs. Through our website, you can get connected to the freight forwarding company that best suits your business needs.

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After making a booking, we will provide a booking ID, shipping labels for you to place on your package. All you need to do is print these out the place them on the package.

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Volumetric weight, sometimes called dimensional weight, refers to the amount of space your package occupies on a truck or aircraft while it is being shipped. In other words, volumetric weight is the size—not the weight—of your package. Oftentimes a service will measure both the volumetric weight and the actual weight of a parcel; the bigger of the two numbers is then used to determine the cost of shipping.

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The simple answer to this is yes, we have an Australian postage calculator available for use at any time. Our postage calculator pulls prices from multiple couriers allowing you to compare postage prices with ease.

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