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Find the best freight quotes to our most popular destinations across Australia

On our platform, you can find the best Freight Quotes to all of the most popular destinations in Australia and around the world. Whether you are looking to move goods locally, nationally, regionally or internationally, you’ll naturally want to find the best-priced courier service. At Fast Courier, we guarantee to help you save money by bringing together Freight Quotes from the best couriers in your area.

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Whether sending goods is an essential element of your business, or you need to make an important one-off delivery, finding and comparing Freight Quotes yourself can be a time-consuming and confusing process. Few business owners or busy individuals have the time or energy to contact multiple suppliers and create their own list of Freight Quotes. At Fast Courier, we do the hard work for you! We use our extensive industry knowledge and connections to find and negotiate the best rates and courier deals for you. This ensures all the information you need to make a choice of courier is laid out instantly before you, allowing you to pick a courier easily and efficiently.

Whether you need to send a small parcel quickly across the city or a large amount of stock overseas, Fast Courier can find and display the best Freight Quotes for you in a matter of seconds. We have specialist experience working with pallet couriers, international courier services, hourly couriers and sea, truck and air freight, so you can have complete confidence in our services no matter what type of courier you require.

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If you have complicated or complex shipping requirements, don’t worry, we can handle it. Whether you need a quick turnaround or want to send goods in large quantities, we can find and compare the best Freight Quotes for you. Our services ensure you can focus on arranging your palletised freight or packing your goods, and not have to worry about finding a cost-effective and reliable courier service. At Fast Courier, we understand businesses often need to move at a lightning-speed pace. We ensure businesses can stay two steps ahead of their competitors by providing them with Freight Quotes in real-time. This means the price you are shown, is guaranteed.

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At Fast Courier, we don’t have any affiliations with couriers or have vested interest in you choosing one courier over another. Due to this, you can have complete confidence that we are showing you the best couriers available to you.

This is how we work…

Using Fast Courier is quick and simple, to find the best courier deals in your area, simply use our straight forward calculator to find competitive Freight Quotes Australia-wide. To receive a quote, you only need to include basic information in the calculator such as the pick-up and drop off location of your goods, their dimensions, your email address and the type of parcel you need to be delivered. This is all it takes to find the best Freight Quotes in Australia.

At Fast Courier, we provide a complete range of services. This means not only do we find and compare Freight Quotes for you, but we also have a tracking feature which allows you to follow your parcel whilst it is in transit. This ensures you have complete clarity where your item is at all times. This feature is not only useful for yourself, as you can keep track of your item and never have to worry about its whereabouts, but also for the customer/recipient of your parcel. If a customer can track their delivery it ensures they can be prepared for the delivery and do not have to search extensively for the location of their parcel.


Find the best freight quotes to our most popular destinations across Australia


Use our calculator to find the best courier quotes Australia wide

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Use our calculator to find the best courier quotes Australia wide


Most common courier quote questions

  • What are the different types of Freight?

    There are 3 primary ways to think of freight. Land (Road & Rail), Sea and Air. Beyond this really you need to think about destination, Domestic or International Freight. Depending upon volume and frequency of your delivery needs this will help you arrange your freight delivery type.

  • Can I get a Quote on Freight for Multiple Items?

    No problem! We can help you deliver more than one item for the best quote possible, maximising your savings with every shipment.When proceeding into the quote page, look for the add package option to add different variants of packages. Note: If you would like different destinations, its best to do this as separate quotes.

  • Do You Have Interstate Freight Quotes?

    Yes! If you select a destination across state borders, there is no problem our quote engine can generate a variety of options for your interstate freight needs. If you are looking for a long-term freight regular freight option, feel free to contact us for a bespoke quote.

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