Shipping Furniture

Fast Courier is happy to help you find a courier service that will ship your furniture speedily and at a low price. Whether you’re sending a sofa, table, desk, chair, or bed, we’re here to make sure your needs are met. All we need from you is the size, weight and destination of your package. Simply enter those details into our online quote form to see shipping rates from Australia’s leading couriers.

Can all types of furniture be sent?

Most kinds of furniture are eligible to be carried by our partner companies. As with other types of goods, furniture should be adequately packaged so that it is secure and protected. Otherwise it is liable to be damaged during transit.

With a few obvious exceptions (e.g. mattresses), shipping unboxed furniture is strongly discouraged. If you send a piece of furniture without the necessary packaging you are responsible for any damage it sustains while being shipped.

Boxing your furniture

Whenever possible, furniture should be disassembled before it is boxed to keep shipping costs to a minimum. For example, a small table can easily fit into a long flat box after being taken apart. This is important, as most couriers use volumetric weight to determine shipping rates. Volumetric weight refers to the amount of space required to accommodate a package.

Fast Courier automatically calculates the volumetric weight of your parcel when you input its size and weight into our quote tool. You can also do the calculation yourself using the following formula:

Length x Width x Height in centimetres / 5000 (rounded up to the nearest 0.5kg)

Choice of couriers

The majority of companies on Fast Courier will have no problem delivering furniture of all sizes. Depending on how far your item has to travel, same-day shipping may be available. Shipping rates will vary according to the size and weight of your package. To see your range of options, stop off at our quote calculator.

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