Shipping Jewelry

If you need to ship jewelry, Fast Courier can get you the best price, fastest delivery, or a combination of both. Whether you have sold a necklace on eBay or you are sending your sister a new bracelet for her birthday, we are here to help. Finding the best courier service is as simple as completing the Fast Courier quote form with the weight and size of your package as well as the shipping address. In a matter of seconds you can see prices and delivery options from the largest courier companies in Australia.

Fortunately, there are not many obstacles when it comes to shipping jewelry. It’s small and lightweight, which means it is relatively cheap to send via courier. Jewelry is also rather easy to package securely. Still, it’s imperative that you take measures to minimise the chances of something happening during transit. We will offer some guidelines for packaging jewelry below.

Potential issues

While the vast majority of jewelry can be delivered without difficulty, there are some complicating factors to bear in mind. It is not recommended, for example, that you send extremely valuable jewelry with a courier. Fast Courier will insure items up to [???] in value. Jewelry valued over that amount will be sent at your own risk.

Complications may also arise if you are shipping jewelry to another country. In addition to having to fill out a detailed customs declaration, it’s possible that the destination country imposes restrictions on jewelry imports. Always research the relevant customs regulations before sending your package.

How to package jewelry

Due to its size and weight, jewelry is usually pretty easy to package. Of course, a lot of jewelry is also very fragile, so you’ll want to give it as much protection as possible.

Using a jewelry box is highly recommended. If you don’t have one for whatever reason, using a pouch is the next best thing. For an added layer of protection, wrap the jewelry in bubble wrap or even a small plastic bag before putting it in the box or pouch.

Use more bubble wrap to surround the jewelry box, securing it with high quality packing tape. Then place the box or pouch into a shipping box that is only slightly larger. Fill any free space using paper, foam, or some other cushion so that the jewelry box fits snug and doesn’t slide around. Seal the shipping box with packaging tape, then use the Fast Courier quote calculator to find a delivery service that suits your needs and budget.

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