How to Package your Goods

To ensure that your shipment is delivered without delay, it is important to understand how to package your items properly. If goods are poorly packaged, there is a chance that the courier service will refuse to ship them. In the best case this is merely inconvenient; but for urgent shipments it can be disastrous. With that in mind, we have provided some useful packaging tips below.

Choose the right carton

First, make sure the carton or box is strong enough to bear the weight of your item. Ideally you should be using a new one, but previously-used cartons are acceptable provided that they are in very good condition. Only use cartons that have internal flaps, as these are what give the carton its structural integrity.

Do not use a carton that is too big, otherwise your goods will move around in transit and may become damaged. If there is excess space in the carton, fill it with package cushioning like foam or paper so that your goods are immobilised and protected.

Fragile items and liquids

If you’re shipping glass or anything that contains glass, the item should be insulated with bubble-wrap before it is placed in the carton. The carton should then be clearly marked to indicate that the items inside are fragile and need to be handled with care.

Exercise special care when packing bottles of wine and other types of liquid. The bottles should be individually wrapped and supported with inserts so that they are isolated inside the carton.

Special or dangerous items

If you’re unsure whether your goods fall into this category, err on the side of caution and assume that they do. Always consult the list of International Prohibited Items to confirm that your item is not included on it.

Courier services are able to ship certain dangerous items, but require pre-authorisation and the completion of a Material Safety Data Sheet. Dangerous items include but are not limited to explosives, flammable liquids, gases, oxidizing substances, and radioactive material.

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