Shipping Multiple Packages

Fast Courier can help you send more than one package at a time, whether you’re sending them domestically or internationally, by arranging for a package collection. Need them delivered to the same address? No problem. Different addresses? We have you covered. Whatever the circumstance, you can be sure that we will find a courier to deliver your goods quickly and cheaply.

Sending multiple packages to one address

This is quite common for sellers. It is also totally painless thanks to Fast Courier’s interactive quote form. Regardless of how many packages you’re looking to send, our standard quote tool will do the trick.

The first step, as always, is to measure the dimensions of your boxes. Once you have done that, open our quote form and input the weight and dimensions of the first box. When you’re finished, click “Add Another Package” and enter the details of that box. Repeat until you have included all of the packages going to the same address. The quote form will automatically tally the costs as you add each new package to the order.

Sending multiple packages to multiple addresses

Our online system is set up to accommodate this without a hitch. Sending packages to several addresses just as simple as sending multiple packages to the same address; the only difference is it might take a few more minutes of your time.

In this case, instead of adding each package to the same quote form, you will complete multiple forms—one for each address. So for the first address, fill out the form per usual and continue to the next step. Before entering your payment details, select “Add Another Package.” You will be taken to a new quote form. Fill that one out and add it to your order. Repeat this process until all your packages are accounted for.

That’s all there is to it.

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