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There are some circumstances when a delivery just won’t wait. From time-critical parts for industry through to medical samples that need to be processed within a tight time frame, if you need fast, safe transport for goods we can find you a suitable courier.

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Find the best courier quotes to our most popular destinations across Australia

Overnight & Nexy Day Couriers

Find the best courier quotes to our most popular destinations across Australia

Take a look at seven reasons why a growing number of companies and private individuals are turning to us to find them the fastest, most competitively priced overnight courier service for their goods.

Suite of online services

When you use us to find a courier that’s right for your needs, you can complete the whole process online, at any time and from any location. In addition to our comparison, ordering and payment services, we also offer an online tracking service. This enables you to follow the progress of your goods from the time they’re dispatched to when they reach their final destination. Ideal for updating recipients, tracking also enables you to check that your goods aren’t lost or misplaced during transit.

Complex logistics welcome

When it comes to using a next day courier or 24-hour delivery, we are usually able to find you a cost-effective solution for logistical challenges, as well as for more straight-forward journeys. If your item needs to be transported using several different methods (for example road and air transport), requires pick-up from, or deliver to, a remote location, or needs to be transported internationally, we can find you a suitable courier service.

Local/national/international time-critical shipping

We work with a wide range of couriers, many of whom have significant expertise in facilitating trans-continental logistics. Not only do they have a number of highly efficient, rapid transport solutions at their disposal, the couriers we use are also able to create customised logistical answers that will ensure your needs are met. As you are comparing one courier with another, you’re guaranteed to get the best price.

Multiple items – not a problem

The nature of some companies’ business means that there is a continual need for fast, time-critical courier services. If you’re an enterprise that requires rapid courier services on a regular basis, one of our couriers is ideally placed to get the job done. High-volume orders can often result in a reduction in cost. In addition, if courier services are required on a regular basis, the courier company can often devote specific resources to meeting your needs, devising routes that are as affordable, fast and reliable as possible.

We can accommodate less-than-a-palette, hazardous and oversize items

From larger pieces of plant and agricultural equipment through to chemicals, bio-hazards or “just one or two”, there are lots of loads that need transporting rapidly, but which don’t fit conventional courier methods. Our service can put you in touch with couriers who have expertise in moving niche products from one location to another. If your cargo needs an escort, a specialist transporter or a driver that’s appropriately trained to manage it safely, we can find you a company that can meet your requirements. Temperature-controlled, time-critical cargoes are a speciality of ours!

Better rates when you use us

We work with multiple couriers, providing them with a significant quantity of orders. Due to the large amount of business we put their way, we are frequently able to negotiate rates for our customers that are significantly cheaper than you will find elsewhere. Plus, our couriers are in competition with each other to provide you with the best price for the job. These factors help to explain why, when you use us to find a suitable courier for your next time-critical, next-day logistics job, you’ll almost always end up paying less.

We welcome private individuals as well as companies

Although it’s usually companies that need to send their goods by express delivery for same-day or next-day receipt, there are occasions when private individuals need to do the same. We offer the same great suite of services and excellent prices to all our customers. Whether you are a private individual who needs to send single (or multiple) items, or a large multi-national that has a pressing delivery to make that needs to reach its destination as quickly as possible, you’ll receive the same great service when you use us to find a suitable courier.

We are proud of our reputation for providing high-quality, efficient and cost-effective solutions to a wide range of logistical challenges. Follow our simple, fast, online guide to find couriers ready to ensure your goods arrive on time and in perfect condition, for a highly competitive cost.


Find the best courier quotes to our most popular destinations across Australia


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Use our calculator to find the best courier quotes Australia wide


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