How to Pack and Ship Office Supplies via Courier

Shipping office supplies via courier can be easy. All it takes is a little planning and a little careful packing. Follow these tips and you’ll be surprised to see how easy it really is to send. 

  1. Start with the right boxes. 

Start by getting your hands on the right boxes. The right boxes for shipping via courier are going to be a bit different to the ones you use for shipping via normal post. They need to be a lot sturdier, a lot stronger and a lot more carefully packed before transport. 

  1. The right boxes, part 2. 

You’re going to need a lot of boxes. In fact, you’ll need a box for every single item of office supplies you have for sending. This includes the actual shipping receipt, the address label, the postage paperwork you have inside the box, the packing slip, the stickers, everything. 

  1. Don’t pack the box with too much. 

When you’re packing your box with office supplies, don’t be tempted to pack it with more than it can handle. That will just mean your box is going to be heavier than it needs to be and you’ll pay more for shipping and transport. 

Keep it breathable and pack your box to about 70% full. This is the kind of packing weight you’ll find in most courier boxes for posting. 

  1. Be careful with your scissors. 

If you’re going to be cutting through packing tape, you’re going to need a really sharp pair of scissors. Be careful with your scissors. They shouldn’t be cutting through the tape easily. If they are, it’s probably best to use a box cutter instead. 

  1. Make sure your box is equal to the size of the item you’re sending.

If you’re shipping something that requires a large box, you’ll want to make sure that the box you’re sending it in is big enough for your item.

  1. Be sure your box is strong enough to survive being thrown around during transport and handling. 

Your boxes need to be strong enough to survive a trip through a courier warehouse. They also need to be strong enough to survive being transported from your house to a courier depot and warehouse. 

  1. Don’t fill up your box with crumpled newspaper. 

Don’t waste your time filling up your box with crumpled newspaper. It’ll just make your box heavier and it’ll make it harder to get your product in and out. If you want to make the most of your space, go for packing peanuts or bubble wrap instead. 

  1. Use packing tape to close your box. 

Before you can send your box to the courier for postage, you’ll need to close it and make sure it’s secure. This is where packing tape comes in handy. Use your packing tape to secure the box and ensure nothing is going to fall out during transportation. 

  1. Make sure you write your address on the box. 

Make sure to write your correct postal address on your box. Double check what you’ve written to make sure there are no mistakes, especially when writing numbers.

  1. Be sure to write your name on the box. 

You want to make sure that when the office supplies arrive, they have been delivered to the right place. Before you ship your box of office supplies, make sure you make it easy for the courier to deliver it to the right place. 

  1. Use a courier label. 

If you want your box to be delivered to the right place, you’re going to need a courier label. This is your address label and it’s going to make sure your box of office supplies gets to the right place. 

  1. Make sure you label your box with your name. 

Label your box with your name. This makes sure that the courier knows that this box belongs to you and only you. 

  1. Make sure you label your box with your address. 

You’re also going to need to label your box with your address. This makes sure the courier knows where to go when they arrive to collect your box.

Now you’re ready to hand over your packages to the courier for delivery!


Choosing the right courier

The best courier services for moving office supplies are those that provide a cost-effective delivery with the ability to manage your freight online with integrated tracking, door-to-door service, flexible delivery options, and a wide range of delivery times to suit your business. 

If you have a lot of deliveries to make you might also want a service that offers a free phone help line with a fast response time, a customer support team available online or by phone, and a courier service that can accommodate a range of shipping options.

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