Shipping and Sending Boxes

Fast Courier is the go to courier company if you are looking to send boxes. We make it easier to ship boxes by helping you compare box shipping prices across a number of couriers all in one place. All we need from you is the size, weight and where you are sending your box. Simply enter those details into our online quote form to see shipping rates from Australia’s leading couriers.

Can I send a box interstate?

We get this question all the time, 'can I send a box interstate?' and the simple answer is YES.

We have partnered with Australia's largest and best courier companies to help you easily find the most appropriate courier to use when sending your boxes. Our courier network is extensive allowing you to ship boxes to both metro and remote areas all over Australia.

As with other types of goods, your box should be adequately packaged so that it is secure and protected. Otherwise it is liable to be damaged during transit.

Ship large boxes

One of the most common item being couriered is large boxes. Shipping large boxes is simple. All you need to do is measure the dimensions (length, width and height) as well as weigh the box.

One consideration when sending large boxes is the items volumetric weight. The volumetric weight may differ from the items actual weight if the item has large dimension but is lightweight. When couriers are pricing quotes the use the larger value between the volumetric and actual weight of the item.

To calculate your large box volumetric weight you need to find the items volume in metres then multiply it by 250. So if your item's weighs 50kg and it's dimensions are 150cm x 120cm x 50cm then your volume in metres would be 1.5 x 1.2 x 0.5 = 0.9m3 then multiply this by 250 making your volumetric weight 225kgs. In this case your item will be priced based on the volumetric weight of 225kgs rather than its actual weight of 50kgs.

This makes shipping large boxes slightly different from standard boxes as the volumetric weight may be significantly different from the actual weight.

Fast Courier automatically calculates the volumetric weight of your parcel when you input its size and weight into our quote tool so you don't have to do this calculation manually every time.

Shipping rates for boxes

We pride ourselves in offering you the best box shipping rates in Australia. Our prices to send boxes are competitive as we have worked hard to negotiate the best prices with all box couriers that we work with.

Using our instant quoting tool you can quickly compare prices to send your boxes anywhere in Australia. Send boxes of any size with ease using Australia's fastest courier comparison company - Fast Courier.

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