Shipping Books

Despite the popularity of e-readers, hard copy books are still a very common item to send through the post. Compared to some other items, books are easy and inexpensive to ship. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise care when doing so. Whether the book you’re sending is new or used, paperback or hardcover, you’ll want to ensure it’s packaged the right way so that it arrives in good condition.

Preventing moisture damage

The main thing consider when preparing books for shipment is the possibility of water damage. If you do a lackluster packing job and the book is exposed to moisture in transit, damage is certainly going to be done. The pages will become discolored, rigid, and stuck together. The integrity of the book’s spine will be compromised. The recipient of the book will not be happy.

To prevent water damage, seal the book with plastic wrap. Then use either bubble wrap or cardboard to protect the outside of the book from impact. Ensure that the edges and corners of the book are completely covered to prevent bending and scuffing.

Sending multiple books

If you’re shipping one or two small books, you can likely get away with using a large padded envelope. Otherwise use a firm, corrugated cardboard box.

In the case of multiple books, each one should be individually wrapped up and secured before being placed in the shipping container. The heavier books should go in first, followed by the lighter ones. When all the books are in the box, check to see if there is any open space that will cause the books to slide around during transit. If so, fill it using newspaper, bubble wrap, or packing foam.

How much does it cost?

The size and weight of the books will determine how much it costs to have them shipped. You can get a price instantly by entering the weight, dimensions, and destination of your package into the Fast Courier quote tool.

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