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Calculate shipping costs with ease using Fast Courier's shipping calculator. Our shipping calculator is purpose built to help you compare shipping costs across multiple providers.

We work with top tier Australian freight companies helping you compare your shipping costs and save.

What is a shipping calculator?

A shipping calculator is a tool that enables users to calculate how much they will be charged for shipping based on a number of inputs provided.

There are generally four inputs needed for such a calculator.

The five inputs include pick up address, drop off address, dimensions (length, width, height) and weight. The main determinants of how much one pays for shipping are the sdistance covered and the weight.

Depending on how heavy your  product you can request for a tail lift truck to make it easier to lift the package and transport it.

Shipping calculators generally make use of a formula that the user inputs in order to calculate the shipping price. However, some shipping calculators will allow for dynamic inputs to calculate shipping costs based on factors such as time and weather. For example, a calculator might automatically calculate what shipping price should be for a product that is delivered to a certain area during a storm.

How to calculate postage charges?

Our Shipping calculators is fully online saving you the hustle of going to the post office or depot.

We are a shipping comparison company allowing customers to have the ability to shop around for the best price without physically making purchases.

Our calculator is available for anyone to use  it allows you to keep their prices low while still maintaining profit margins. This also provides some form of price transparency for customers who may be want to be more aware of the actual costs associated with shipping.

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