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TNT Courier Services

We offer following TNT Courier delivery services:
  • TNT Overnight Express – guaranteed delivery by 5pm on next business day
  • TNT Overnight Express – 12:00 (delivery by noon), 10:00 (delivery by 10am) and 9:00 (delivery by 9am) next-day services
  • TNT Road Express – fixed-day service
  • TNT Time Critical Courier service – covers Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.
  • TNT Local Standard  – delivered within 2.5 hours from booking.
  • TNT Local Premium – delivered 1.5 hours from booking.
  • TNT Local Direct – delivered within 1 hour from booking.
  • TNT International Express – 200+ countries, Air and Sea
  • TNT International 12:00 Express – 65 countries, Next day noon delivery
  • TNT International 9:00 Express – 40 countries, Next day 9am delivery

Book a TNT Courier Courier

Booking a TNT courier through Fast Courier is easy. Just follow these simple steps to get an instant quote and book:

TNT Express Courier

TNT Express is a global courier service company owned by FedEx. Headquartered in Europe, TNT has an international network spanning more than 200 countries and territories. There are over 40 TNT service stations throughout Australia.

Like most couriers, TNT bases shipping rates on either volumetric weight or actual weight, whichever is higher. To get a quote from TNT Express, head over to the Fast Courier quote tool and input the details of your shipment.

Domestic shipping

TNT Express offers a variety of delivery services for shipments within Australia, depending on how quickly you want your package to arrive.

Their Overnight Express service guarantees delivery by 5pm on the following business day. If that’s not fast enough, they also offer 12:00 (delivery by noon), 10:00 (delivery by 10am) and 9:00 (delivery by 9am) next-day services.

TNT’s Road Express delivery is a fixed-day service that allows you to specify the day on which your package arrives.

Same-day delivery is also available through the company’s Time Critical Courier service, which covers Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. There are three options:

  • Local Standard delivers your package within 2.5 hours from the time of booking
  • Local Premium delivers within 1.5 hours from the time of booking
  • Local Direct delivers within 1 hour from the time of booking

International services

TNT delivers to more than 200 countries and is able to handle shipments of any size and weight. Both commercial aircraft and economical sea transport are utilised.

International Express ensures that your package arrives by end of business on the next business day; it applies to all the countries in TNT’s network. 12:00 Express, which guarantees delivery by noon the following business day, is available for 65 countries, while 9:00 Express is available for 40 countries.

TNT Express is equipped to carry goods of all shapes and sizes. With that said, it is your responsibility to check the destination country’s customs restrictions before sending an item abroad.

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