How to Ship a Jif Bag 

A jif bag is a type of packaging used for shipping. The term comes from the fact that the bags are approximately the size of a jiffy bag. It was first used by a company called West Pak Inc. to transport electronic components, and was designed to be a more lightweight and flexible alternative to a box. 

A jif bag is now typically made out of polyethylene plastic, coated with polypropylene. It is now used worldwide by companies in the electronics industry, particularly for shipping integrated circuits.

The key to shipping a jif bag using a courier service is to make sure the bag is well packaged. If you are sending a jif bag to someone you want to make sure it gets delivered in one piece. 

Here are some tips to help you ship your jif bag via courier:

  1. Wrap the bag in small pieces of bubble wrap. This will help protect the bag if it is dropped during delivery. 
  2. Place the jif bag in a box that is at least 2 inches bigger than the jif bag. This will allow for plenty of cushioning if the box is dropped or too much pressure is applied. 
  3. If the jif bag is to be shipped via air mail, make sure to place it in a bubble envelope. A jif bag will not be able to withstand the vibrations from being shipped in a regular envelope. 
  4. Use a delivery service that offers tracking. A jif bag shipped via standard shipping is not likely to have tracking. Some shipping services offer tracking as an upgrade. 
  5. Write the address of the package on the box as well as the recipient’s name. This is helpful if the jif bag is shipped via standard shipping. 
  6. If you are shipping a jif bag to a business make sure the person’s name is on the package. This will help avoid confusion upon delivery. 
  7. Take photos of the jif bag before you send it for transport. This will help you ensure the jif bag’s security. 
  8. Write the returns address on the box in case the jif bag needs to be returned. 
  9. Write the jif bag’s contents on the box. This will help ensure that none of the contents of the jif bag is lost during transport. 
  10. Use a transport service that offers insurance. This is an added cost but will help ensure your jif bag is accounted for in case of loss or damage during delivery. 


Tips for Sending a Jif Bag as a Gift 

If you are sending a jif bag as a gift using a courier service, there are some things you will want to keep in mind: 

  1. Make sure you have the correct address. This is especially important if you are shipping the jif bag internationally. 
  2. Don’t forget to include a return address. 
  3. Make sure the jif bag is insured. 
  4. Include a gift card with the jif bag. This is a nice way to say thank you.


We hope this article helps you on your next jif bag shipment!

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