Shipping Clothes

Booking a courier through Fast Courier is a great option for people shipping clothes. By making use of our quote tool, you can instantly see the prices and delivery options offered by Australia’s top courier services. Given the relative ease of shipping clothing, you are sure to be able to find an expedited delivery service at a very reasonable price.

Express delivery

Most couriers offer same-day delivery for small and medium sized packages. This is vitally important for online clothing retailers, and also for people who simply need clothing items delivered to a friend or family member ASAP.

Direct Couriers is able to deliver a package in 3-4 hours via their Same Day Regular service. If that’s not quick enough, their Same Day Express service will do it in 1-2 hours.

Similarly, Toll offers standard 3-4 hour delivery as well as express 2-3 hour delivery. Shipping costs vary according to the volumetric weight of your package.

Boxing the clothes properly

The nice thing about sending clothes is that they’re relatively simple to pack and less likely than other goods to be damaged in transit. With that said, selecting the right box and taking measures to protect the clothing are essential.

Padded envelopes should suffice for small, lightweight clothing items like socks, shirts and pants. In the case of heavier clothes or bundles of clothes, go with a sturdy, corrugated cardboard box, preferably a new one. Consider lining the box with plastic or extra cardboard to seal it off to moisture. Always use strong packaging tape to secure the flaps of the box.

Before sending the clothes

When your clothes are packed up and ready to go, navigate over to the Fast Courier quote form to find the best deal on shipping.

Note: If you’re sending clothes abroad, it’s your responsibility to learn what the destination country’s import restrictions are. Some couriers also have restrictions when it comes to shipping second-hand clothes.

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