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Air freight is one of the most common forms of freight service used across Australia, second to perhaps only land freight such as trains and trucks. If you’re looking at getting a quote for air freight courier services, why not use Fast Courier’s quote comparison service?


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What is air freight?

Air freight is the movement of goods or cargo using a plane. Typically, the goods being shipped are small or of high value (or both) and, in most cases, they are required to be delivered urgently to their destination; air freight is one of the fastest forms of freight service which is why it is preferable.

However, because of this, air freight does come with heavier costs. As a form of freight service, air freight costs more than alternative delivery methods, such as ocean freight, which is something you should anticipate before sending your goods out. At Fast Courier, we can help you compare all the prices offered by various air freight couriers so you know you’re getting the best delivery price possible.

How is air freight different to other freight services?

Aside from the fact that air freight is in the air as opposed to the land or sea, there is also another noticeable difference that you should keep in mind. Whereas sea freight charge costs are based on the volume of the freight being sent, air freight costs are calculated based on the weight of the freight.

As a positive, the cost of delivering your goods by air freight has dramatically decreased in recent years as air couriers improve their methods and the convenience of air freight delivery increases.

What are the different types of air freight?

Contrary to popular opinion, air freight doesn’t just consist of a “one size fits all” model of delivery. There are different types of air freight to suit different types of freight, as outlined below:

  • Charter services: A charter service is defined as a freight plane that is chartered for a single freight delivery; this essentially means that there is an entire freight plane dedicated to a sole delivery. It’s important to note that chartered flights are less common than the next two alternatives, and is significantly more expensive too.
  • Consolidated services: This is the most common form of air freight, and is basically when one flight contains multiple shipments at once to be dropped off at the designated point. This is cheaper than a charter service as the plane isn’t solely for the transportation of your freight alone.
  • Direct services: Also known as a back-to-back service, direct services are when a single shipment is flown in the hold of a scheduled plane. One advantage of this is that your goods are the sole freight on that journey, which is ideal for those shipping sensitive or fragile packages. However, it may lend to less flexibility on when your package can be transported as it depends on when a place is scheduled.

What are the benefits of choosing air freight?

As a method of freight transportation, air freight offers many advantages over other freight services. Here are a few of the main advantages of air freight:

  • Speed. On average, air freight is a faster method of freight delivery compared to other services, especially sea freight. Whereas sea freight could take weeks to deliver your goods, air freight boasts the possibility of international delivery in mere days.
  • Choice. Thanks to the range of service choices available for air freight (as listed above), you’ll be able to pick a delivery option that best suits your budget and needs. This offers senders more customisation and autonomy over the routes and delivery times, something that isn’t always available with other freight services.
  • Protection. Compared to sea freight, air freight poses less damage risk to your freight. All you need to ensure is that your items are packaged correctly, with adequate protection. Even fragile or sensitive items can be transported safely with air freight.
  • Security. As air freight typically goes on the same flights as passengers, the security on the transporting plane is impeccable. This means your freight will be incredibly well protected by staff members and, even if something happens, they’ll have the expertise and professionalism to deal with the issue.

If you want to compare air freight quotes made by various couriers, simply use Fast Courier today. All you need to do is input the specs of the parcel(s) you wish to send, and we’ll provide you with a list of relevant air freight service providers so you can instantly compare quotes to find the best one for you



Find the best Air Freight Quotes to our most popular destinations across Australia


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  • How Much Does International Air Freight Cost?

    That all depends on where you want to deliver your freight, and how you want it to get there. Our Air Freight quotes are based on your specific criteria, and we’ll offer you a selection of different international air freight providers. If you want to find an international air freight solution fast, our comparison site is the best place to start.

  • What Air Freight Providers are included within your Quote Comparison?

    Many of Australia’s best-known couriers are included on our comparison lists, allowing us to offer our customers the best service possible. If you’re looking for an international air freight quote from some of the county’s most popular courier services have strategic partnerships with leading international Air Freight providers, giving you the customer complete flexibility.

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    If you’d prefer to, you can drop off any parcels to the relevant Air Freight service drop centers once you’ve booked through us. However, we also offer a pick-up service for every single parcel, which means you don’t need to leave your home or business. We’ll pick your parcel up on your doorstep and get it on its way in no time.

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