How to Pack and Prepare a Box for Postage

Preparation and Packing

Pack the items securely before sending them via courier for delivery. Be mindful of fragile items you are sending. Use packing materials like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, old newspapers, shredded paper, etc. 

If you are using bubble wrap, cut it to size to fit your item. If you are using newspaper, you’ll need to roll it up or fold it. 

Shredded paper is usually good for lining the bottom of the box. 

Be mindful of the weight you are packing your item with. The weight of one cubic foot of packing material is as follows: 

Bubble wrap = 1 pound 

Packing peanuts = 1 pound 

Newspaper = .5 pounds Shredded paper = 1 pound 

Cardboard = 1 pound 

If you are using a box that already has multiple layers of packing material, you can use the packing materials that are already in the box to save you some room. Also, if you are using peanuts, they can double up as packing material, as well. 

If the item you are sending is small, like a wallet or a pair of glasses, you can pad the item with bubble wrap or other packing materials. You can roll or fold your item. You can also wrap it in bubble wrap. 

The only thing you should leave the item in is it’s original box. Use a box that is big enough for the item. Usually, you can tell what size box your item is by looking at the box it came in. 

If the item you want to send is a book, you can use the box for packing materials and use a bigger box (for example, a shoe box) for the actual item. 

If you are sending multiple items, you can pack them together in one box. It doesn’t matter if the items are wrapped in bubble wrap or not. If you are transporting multiple items in one box, wrap bubble wrap around the box to make sure nothing moves around during transport and delivery. 

Place your item in the box, and then add your packing materials around it. Add your packing materials in layers, and then add your item in the center of the layers. Don’t add your packing materials in the same layer as your item. 

If your item is fragile, label the box as “fragile.” If you are delivering multiple items in one box, label the box with the contents on the outside. 

Fill out your address. If your item is small, you can write your address on the side of the box. For bigger items, you’ll need to write your address on the box. Use a marker or a pen that cannot be washed off if the box gets wet during transport. 

Write the delivery address of the person you are sending the box to. Write it out in full. For example, “Name, Street Address, City, Zip Code, Country.” If you want to, you can write your return address on the box.

How to Ship a Box via Your Local Postal Service 

You can also choose to use the services of your local post office instead of a courier company. If you are shipping a box via your local post, you can use the following steps: 

Step 1: Find the local post office in your area. 

You can find them in the yellow pages in your phone book. If you are shipping internationally, you can find them in the white pages in your phone book. 

Step 2: Call the post office to see if they will ship your box. 

If they say no, you will need to find another way to ship your box like FedEx or UPS. 

Step 3: Pack your box. 

If you are transporting a box that is small, you can use one box, and if you are shipping a box that is large, you can use multiple boxes. You can use the box the item came in for packing materials, and then use a bigger box (for example, a shoe box) for the actual item. If you are transporting multiple items in one box, you can use one box. 

Step 4: Write your address and the address of the shipment’s receiver on the box. 

If you are shipping internationally, you should write it in the format of the country you are shipping from. For example, if you are shipping to Germany, your address should look like this: “Name, Street Address, City, Zip Code, Country”


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