Shipping rates

Like everything else these days, shipping rates are going up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a reliable courier service that will deliver your package quickly at an affordable price. With just a few clicks on Fast Courier, you will be able to see and compare prices from a range of trusted courier companies so that you can choose the one that suits you and your budget best.

Getting a quote

Individuals and small businesses alike can save money on shipping by taking advantage of Fast Courier’s quick and user-friendly quote tool.

Most courier services determine shipping costs using volumetric weight. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry: just start a new quote form on Fast Courier and input the weight and dimensions (length, width and height) of your package. We will calculate the volumetric weight for you and tell you how much each of the leading courier services in Australia will charge to ship your package.

International shipments

The other big factor affecting shipping rates is of course the destination of your package. It costs considerably more to send something overseas than it does to send it domestically. It also involves some red tape, as you are obliged to fill out a customs declaration form.

But as with the size and weight of your package, simply input the destination address on our quote form and we will take it from there, ensuring that you get a fair price. Once you have selected a service, we can arrange for a package collection on your behalf.

Alternatively, you can choose to drop your package off at a post office near you. Just note that you will have to print out a shipping label first.

Coming Soon

Fast Courier is working hard to deliver the best courier service to all Australians in early 2021.

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