Shipping Fishing Rods

You can most certainly send fishing rods using a courier service, despite their irregular size. While some companies restrict how long a shipping container can be, others have no such limits. For example, Direct Couriers, one of the top couriers in Australia, will ship goods of any shape and size, provided they are packaged adequately.

Finding a container that will work

When it comes to sending a fishing rod via a courier service, the trickiest part is finding a container that is long enough to accommodate it and strong enough to protect it. Unless you’re shipping a multi-piece rod that can be broken down and made shorter, you may have to go out of your way to get the right container.

Your first stop should be a local fishing store. There you can explain that you are preparing to send a rod through the post and ask whether the shop has any old tubes or boxes from previous deliveries. Many shops recycle these containers and will let you take one at no charge.

If you strike out at all the tackle shops in your vicinity, stop by a hardware store and look for piping or tubing that is both long enough and wide enough to hold a fishing rod (or multiple rods, if that’s what you’re sending). Keep in mind that you will be wrapping the rod in bubble wrap, adding several centimetres to its girth.

How to pack a fishing rod

Along with the bubble wrap, you will need packaging tape and packing foam or some other type of filler. Wrap the rod in two layers of bubble wrap, adding an additional layer to the most fragile sections. Use the packaging tape to hold the bubble wrap in place.

After sliding the fishing rod into the tube, use the foam and any leftover bubble wrap to fill gaps. You want the rod to be completely fixed in place so that it doesn’t move around at all during transit. It’s a good idea to mark the container “Fragile” for added peace of mind.

Shopping for the best deal

With that out of the way, the rest is easy. Weigh the package and measure its length, width and height. Enter these figures and the destination address into the Fast Courier quote tool, and we’ll show you what our courier partners are offering in terms of delivery speed and price.

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