Addressing a Package or Letter to the USA

The United States is one of the most popular destinations for international shipments. FastCourier will ensure that your package is delivered quickly and at an affordable price.

In this article, we will walk you through how to correctly address an envelope or package destined for the US so that you won’t experience any problems or delays.

US address format

US addresses are very similar to UK addresses, though there are a few small differences. When writing a US address, you have to include the state in which the address is located, as well as the five-digit ZIP code. Here is the format:

[Name of Addressee]

[Street Address]

[City/Town], [State] [ZIP Code]


Typically the name of the state is abbreviated. So instead of writing “New Jersey,” for instance, you would write “NJ.” The abbreviation for each US state can be found here. Sometimes ZIP codes include nine digits, with a hyphen separating the fifth and sixth numbers (e.g. 54321-6789). It is not necessary to include the last four digits, although you can do so if you want.

Below is a random example:

Jane Doe

1234 Smith Street

Los Angeles, CA 90001


If there is a company name, include it on the second line, just under the addressee’s name.

Sending to a PO box

Sometimes your package will be going to a post office box, or PO box. In this case, write the address per the format above, but substitute the PO box number for the street address. For example:

Jane Doe

PO Box 987

New York, NY 10012


PO boxes tend to have limitations regarding package dimensions and weight. So check to make sure that your package is deliverable before you send it.

As always, write clearly and legibly, align the text to the left, and include a return address.

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