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Rugs are typically one of the easier items to pack and ship via courier, but things can get tricky when a rug is oversized and/or high in value. If the rug you are shipping is considerably larger than average, your choices of courier services may be limited, as some of them have restrictions regarding package length.

CouriersPlease, for example, will not accept packages exceeding 1.8m in length. On the other hand, there are couriers that have no size restrictions. Direct Couriers is one example.

However, there is one thing all courier services have in common: they will only accept items that have been packaged correctly. Fortunately, when it comes to rugs, the packaging process is relatively straightforward.

How to prepare a rug for shipping

If you’re sending a used rug, you may want to clean it first. Give yourself plenty of time to do so, as you’ll need to wait for it to completely dry out before you start packing it.

As you’re probably aware, rugs are rolled up while in transit. In the case of a small rug, simply roll it along its shortest side. For larger rugs, fold it in half before rolling. This will help keep the size, and therefore the shipping cost, to a minimum. Note: folding can cause damage to certain rugs, so it’s important to exercise caution. For expensive rugs, it’s probably best to skip the folding step and just roll it up, regardless of size.

After rolling the rug, secure it with twine. Then wrap the rug in a strong, tough plastic, and secure the plastic with packaging tape.

When finished, weigh and measure the folded, wrapped rug, and fill out the Fast Courier quote form to see a range of prices and delivery options.

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