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Fast Courier is the latest Australian courier comparison site to hit the internet. Bigger and better than any competitor, we’re here to help you compare courier prices in Australia, so you get the best deal around for sending your parcel around Australia and the rest of the world. This includes next flight courier services.


Find the best courier quotes to our most popular destinations across Australia

Next Flight Courier

Find the best next flight courier quotes to our most popular destinations across Australia

As the name of the service states, next flight couriers specialise in sending out your parcel on the same day you post it, on the next available flight to your location. Next flight courier services are often available locally, nationally, and internationally – but this varies between couriers, obviously. That’s why Fast Courier was born! To help you choose the best next flight parcel delivery provider for your needs.

What are the different types of next flight couriers?

As mentioned previously, there are different types of next flight couriers available for you to choose from, depending on the location your parcel is due to be sent to.

Local next flight courier servicing is available for urgent parcels that need to be sent out to a location within the state of the airport you’re sending the parcel from. This is ideal for parcels that need to arrive sooner than road freight delivery allows.

National next flight service allows you to deliver your parcel to anywhere within Australia, regardless of where you choose to send it from. This is great for Australian businesses that only ship to destinations within the country, and want to do so on a turnaround rate that’s fast and reliable.

International next flight delivery is the option that allows for the widest delivery breadth of all – around the world. Of course, whether this is same or next day delivery all depends on your location and frequency of departing flights, but next flight delivery is one of the fastest ways to ensure your parcel leaves Australia and arrives at its destination as quickly as possible.

Who is next flight courier services for?

Next flight courier services are the best choice of delivery for two groups of people:

  1. Those that wish to deliver their parcel as quickly as possible, albeit possibly at a higher rate.
  2. Those that are sending parcels out of Australia to other countries around the world.

Next flight courier is used by both individuals and companies, although typically it’s more commonly used by smaller businesses and larger companies. Depending on the scale of the delivery, you could have hand carry, direct drive, or charter flight services to choose from.

When is next flight courier the right option of delivery for you?

Leading on from the previous topic, next flight courier is the right choice of delivery if you need to send one or more parcels either out of the country or to a) somewhere else in the state or b) another state within Australia. The reason it’s more commonly the choice of transportation for businesses rather than individuals is that the prices can widely rack up, dependant on the size, weight, and nature of the parcel. Of course, by going through Fast Courier, you can ensure you get the best delivery prices for parcels in Australia.

Why choose next flight freight?

There are many advantages to opting for a next flight courier. Next flight deliveries are fast, reliable, and many courier companies also work 24/7 so, no matter how urgently your parcel needs to be loaded onto that plane, it can be done at any hour of the night. This often includes weekends, bank holidays, and after normal working hours.

What goods can be sent via next flight couriers?

The products that will be allowed onto a next flight courier flight will vary between providers. Sometimes, fresh produce such as plants and food will not be allowed, as is the case with liquids and certain types of medication. All next flight couriers will be abiding by Australian flight regulations, so ensure that you can actually send your parcel across or out of the country beforehand. Here at Fast Courier, we can help you check whether or not your parcel is safe and suitable to send.

Why compare next flight couriers?

Thanks to the additional security and speed that next flight services bring, the fees to this method of delivery could be high, depending on what it is you’re sending. This is why it’s worth comparing the prices and delivery times of various next flight couriers through Fast Courier, so you’re left with no doubt that your parcel will be delivered for the best possible price.


Find the best courier quotes to our most popular destinations across Australia


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Use our calculator to find the best courier quotes Australia wide


Most common courier quote questions

  • How can Fast Courier help?

    Fast Courier lines up all your possible next flight couriers side by side, sorting through the riffraff for relevant companies that match your criteria. This saves you precious time when your parcel needs to be urgently sent out. Put simply, we do the hard work for you so you can rest easy and your parcel delivered on time.

  • Multiple items?

    Sending out more than one item isn’t a problem with next flight courier services! At Fast Courier, we can calculate the costs for all your parcels, so you get a nice round figure rather than scattered costs that leave you unsure of the total sum you’ll need to pay.

  • Same or next day delivery?

    That’s the point of next flight services! Whether it’s the same day or next day depends on the courier, time sent, size, and nature of your parcel, but it’s likely to be one of the two.

  • Why choose Fast Courier?

    Fast Courier is the fastest growing choice of courier comparison sites for Australians to use to ensure they get the best deal possible for their parcel. Whether you’re a single person sending a parcel to your nan, or a purebred Aussie company shipping your products to customers around the globe, choose Fast Courier to help you get the best possible price when sending parcels out.

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