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Need to send parcels outside of Australia? Fast Courier is Australia’s FASTEST courier comparison site. Enter all the details for your parcel, compare quotes, and send your parcel wherever it needs to go.

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We make the international courier process easy with online comparisons, an immediate booking process and all the hard work done for you, pure and simple. What’s not to like about that service?

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From small businesses to eBay experts, one-time shipping to regular deliveries, shipping your parcels abroad doesn’t need to be a challenge with the right courier on-hand. An affordable international courier service can make the process of international delivery easier than ever, getting your parcels where they need to go effortlessly. Not only do you get the best price on the market, but you also get access to a wide range of different services to suit your individual needs. Need it there ASAP? Then an express air service might be the best option. Shipping bulky items that don’t need to be there tomorrow? Then longer-term courier international shipping might be just what you’re after.

Getting international courier quotes is the best way to start when it comes to finding out exactly how much shipping will cost for your specific parcel. You don’t want to end up overcharged for a service that doesn’t suit you, after all. While your choice of courier may be well-suited to getting your parcel where you want within Australia’s borders, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best option when you’re shipping abroad. Using a service that understands your needs – and offers the best deal – is the ideal way to find a courier that works for you. Why settle for second best when you can have better?

We’re no stranger to international shipping

With connections to some of the best global couriers, freight and shipping companies, Fast Courier offers the thing you want most when it comes to getting a fair rate for international shipping: choice. If you’re seeking international courier quotes to ship a parcel to China, you have products that need to go to the UK, or you’re looking to ship to the USA, we’re the ideal choice to find an international courier that works for you – and we do it fast, too.

Shipping internationally doesn’t have to be difficult with the support of a great courier comparison site. You can get rid of all of the headaches of securing a courier, sourcing prices and finding the right choice for you with hundreds of international courier quotes in one, dedicated location. Make your choice, complete the booking and payment process, and your parcel is ready to be dropped off or picked up, depending on your choice of courier. From there, shipping goes ahead as normal, and your customer will receive their parcel on schedule. Easy.

Looking for more?

Looking for local courier quotes, or considering freight quotes for shipping? Whether you need an interstate courier, a local service or a mix of everything, Fast Courier is here to help. With instant courier quotes on a wide range of different locations and services, our courier comparison platform is the ideal way to ship your parcel. No extra effort or complicated processes required.


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Most common courier quote questions

  • How much does shipping internationally cost?

    That all depends on where you want to ship, and how you want it to get there. Our international courier quotes are based on your specific criteria, and we’ll offer you a selection of different options to choose from to find the one best-suited to you. If you want to find an international courier fast, our comparison site is the best place to start.

  • Does Fast Courier have the best shipping prices?

    Our courier comparison platform includes a wide selection of different couriers, allowing you to find the best value shipping for your individual needs. Our fast and easy service makes finding the most affordable price for international shipping as easy as possible.

  • How do I get courier quotes?

    If you want a quote for a specific parcel, simply provide us with all the details. We will compare all available international couriers available at the click of a button. Looking to ship multiple items, or have specific shipping requests? You can always get in touch with our team, and we will help you as best we can.

  • Can my parcels be picked up?

    We offer a free parcel pick up service for everywhere in Australia – so unless you want to do so, you don’t have to worry about getting your parcels to a store or depot to be delivered. We do all the hard work, and you get all the reward.

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