A Quick Guide to Shipping your Keyboard 

There are two ways to send a keyboard. You can either send it through a courier or post it using a shipping service. Both delivery methods are equally safe. It’s your decision to choose which transport method you prefer. 

Sending a Keyboard with a Courier 

Couriers are awesome. They are fast, reliable and, most importantly, affordable. Couriers are the most common way to send a keyboard. Many courier services even offer free delivery. 

Sending a Keyboard with a Shipping Service 

Shipping services are fast and reliable. They are the second most popular way to post a keyboard. 

Follow the steps below to ship a keyboard: 

Step 1: 

Put together a box that has an opening large enough to fit your keyboard. The opening should be large enough to fit the keyboard and the keyboard’s original box. The box should be sturdy and it should be able to close and lock. 

Step 2: 

Place the keyboard and the keyboard’s original box inside the box. You might want to wrap the keyboard’s box with a piece of paper. This will prevent the box from getting damaged when the keyboard gets shipped. 

Step 3: 

Using a pen, write down the postage address. If you are shipping the keyboard on your own then write your address. If you are posting the keyboard via an online courier service then write down the courier service’s address. 

Step 4: 

If the keyboard is being transported to a different country, then use a shipping service. If the keyboard is being transported domestically, then use a courier. 

Step 5: 

Now you are ready to have the keyboard delivered! Bring the box to the local post office or to the address of the courier service. 

If you are transporting the keyboard to a different country, then remember to fill out the customs form. This is the only way you can avoid paying for custom duties and taxes. 

Step 6: 

Pay for the shipping costs. If you are using a courier then you will have to pay for delivery. If you are using a shipping service then you will have to pay for shipping. 

Step 7: 

Now the keyboard is on its way. Your keyboard will be safely delivered to its destination. 


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