How to Pack and Ship a Dehumidifier

The best way to send a dehumidifier for delivery is in a well packaged box. The box should be able to withstand the weight of the dehumidifier and any potential impacts from being knocked around during postage. 

You should ensure that the dehumidifier is packed properly to minimize the chance of damage during transport. The dehumidifier should be packaged in a way that it is easy to unpack and easy to repack if it is damaged, until it is collected by the courier. Do not tape the dehumidifier directly to the box. 

What size of box do I need to send a dehumidifier? 

The size of the box depends on the weight of the dehumidifier you are sending. You will need a box that is big enough for the dehumidifier to fit in. 

If the dehumidifier is a lot lighter than the box then it will be able to move around in the box, which increases the chance of it being damaged during delivery. If the dehumidifier is a lot heavier than the box then it will cause the box to collapse. 

If you need a box that has been specifically designed to ship a dehumidifier then you should contact the courier company that you usually use for posting. You should always check with the courier company to make sure that they can accept the dehumidifier for shipping. 

How do I pack a dehumidifier for shipping? 

Use the following steps to ensure that the dehumidifier is properly packed for shipping: 

Cover the dehumidifier with a sheet of cardboard. 

Place a couple of pieces of cardboard around the dehumidifier to keep it from moving inside the box. 

Use a strong box that can handle the weight of the dehumidifier. 

Tape the box with strong packing tape. 

Fill the gaps in the box with foam or newspaper. 

Place the dehumidifier in the middle of the box. 

How do I transport a dehumidifier? 

When transporting a dehumidifier you should use the following guidelines: 

Always use the original packaging if you can. 

Always transport the dehumidifier in an upright position. 

Do not transport the dehumidifier in a moving vehicle. 

If you have to transport the dehumidifier in a moving vehicle then you should place it on a pallet and strap it down to the pallet. 

Do not place the dehumidifier on the floor of the moving vehicle. 

Always transport the dehumidifier in a well padded box.

Delivery of a dehumidifier is a very simple process. Most courier companies will not collect a dehumidifier from your home, but will instead have you send the product to a collection point. All you have to do is prepare your dehumidifier in the manner described above before sending it. 

You don’t need to book a courier to collect your dehumidifier, but you will need to be available when it gets delivered at the collection point. 

Once the courier has collected your dehumidifier, they will typically deliver it to the next closest depot. This is usually in the same post code, but it can be a different post code, so you may need to be there to identify it and sign for it once it’s delivered. 

If you don’t want to be at home when your dehumidifier arrives, you can request the courier to drop it off to a neighbour. 

Your neighbour will need to sign for it, but all you need to do is provide them with a copy of your ID. You can also provide them with a copy of the courier invoice showing that you have paid all postage fees.

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