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Fast courier services are becoming more and more important as time goes on, with the high levels of demand for next-day shipping meaning that the sheer volume of express postage has shot up in the past few years. If you’re interested in express, or even same-day, shipping options, there are a wide variety of options for you to choose from.


Find the best courier quotes to our most popular destinations across Australia

Express Courier Quotes

Find express courier quotes to our most popular destinations across Australia

Here’s all you need to know about express shipping and next-day delivery services, and how you can find yourself the best deal on the market.

What is express shipping and next day shipping?

Express shipping and next day shipping are essentially what they say on the tin, with a focus on getting the packages to the recipients quickly and safely. This shipping is often done by air couriers in order to ensure that products can get to their destination with minimum risk of late arrival due to problems like traffic or customs issues. That does mean that a lot of the time express shipping will cost you a little bit more, mostly because of the urgency with which everything needs to be completed at every step of the process. Although express shipping often comes at a higher cost than standard shipping, the peace of mind of the earlier delivery is often worth any higher costs that may arise.

The importance of express shipping

Fast shipping is now at the core of the vast majority of businesses. Whether you’re a retailer looking to ship goods out to customers as soon as feasibly possible, or you’re a more administrative company that needs replacement goods sent in order to keep your business running at maximum efficiency, you’ll need to get goods shipped in and quite often this will need to be at very short notice. The wrong provider could lead to incomplete deliveries and cause your organisation to have big issues going forward, so choosing a reliable courier is vital.

Bulk express shipping

Although express shipping is a great way forward for many companies, doing it in bulk can often accrue significant costs. Whether you’re an individual looking to send out a lot of gifts to family members this holiday season, or a company that’s selling products around the world, eventually the added costs of express shipping will grow and grow. You can often find opportunities to make big savings on bulk orders by finding a great tailored deal for your specific needs, which will save you a lot of money on your bulk express shipping. This means that you can go about your business without having to worry too much about the sheer costs of sending express items one by one without having properly compared couriers.

So who is express shipping for?

Express shipping can be for anyone. If you need to send products around the world at very short notice, using express shipping is ideal no matter what your personal situation is. For example, if you’ve purchased a last-minute gift for someone’s birthday on the other side of the country, it might help your cause if you can get the gift delivered on the day itself, rather than arriving a week late.

Next-day shipping can also be useful for small businesses that might need to get their goods sent both across the country and across the world. For any business to grow you need to effectively get your goods to customers across the world, and by expanding your customer base beyond that of your local area you open a whole new world of possibilities. This becomes a lot easier when you can provide your customers with what they want at a day’s notice, and keeps them coming back for more.

How can I get the best deals?

You can get the best courier deals around by comparing different couriers with Fast Courier. You can quickly compare courier quotes and send your packages across Australia and the rest of the world at express speeds, and at the price point that you need. By entering the address you’re sending the package from, the address you’re sending the package to, and a few bits of information about what you’re shipping, you can quickly and easily get a range of quotes and prices. You’ll know exactly what you’ll have to pay and how long it will taking, giving you the ultimate peace of mind in your shipping.

If you’re looking for affordable express shipping, compare providers at Fast Courier today.


Find express courier quotes to our most popular destinations across Australia


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Use our calculator to find the best courier quotes Australia wide


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