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Sea freight has been a major part of how people have historically moved goods around the world, using the high seas to get their products around the world at an affordable cost. Nowadays you can use sea freight to transport whatever you like at a very affordable rate, and you can use Fast Courier for sea freight quotes to get the best bang for your buck.


Find the best courier quotes to our most popular destinations across Australia

Sea Freight Quotes to your needs

Find the best Sea Freight quotes to our most popular destinations across Australia

What is sea freight?

Sea freight has been used for centuries now, as companies used their vast navies to send ships around the world to transport goods from country to country. In more recent years, the industry of sea transport has become far more liberal, with millions of products being transported by the sea every day. Due to massive economies of scale, companies can transport thousands of tonnes of goods on vast cargo ships at a very minimal cost. This means that sea freight could be the perfect way to get your goods from point A to point B, especially when you’re sending them around the world.

What are the benefits of sea freight?

Firstly, sea freight is a very affordable process. It can often be 4 times cheaper than air freight due to the much lower fuel costs, and you can also transport much bigger items. For example, you wouldn’t be able to transport large furniture internationally on a plane due to the cumbersome size. By comparison, sea freight allows you to utilise a range of options, including the use of entire shipping containers, in order to get your goods shipped in a way that keeps them safe and secure.

How does sea freight work?

Sea freight is based on a system of container ships sending goods all around the world. In all likelihood, you’ll need to use a specialist company, as import and export tariffs in different companies can be extremely confusing and you don’t want to end up on the wrong side of these laws and regulations. You’ll need to get in touch with your specialist company, who will take the goods from you and complete the delivery process from this point onwards themselves. Once it’s on its way you won’t need to do anything more, as your shipping company will handle it.


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Most common courier quote questions

  • Is sea freight safe?

    Sea freight is perfectly safe! Billions of products every year are sent around the world by sea freight, and very few packages and containers are ever lost (each year only 0.005% of shipping containers are lost). In the extremely rare event that something does go wrong in the process, the majority of sea freight companies will offer you insurance to cover any loss or damage. Sea freight is one of the safest ways of sending your items around the world and has been for many years now.

  • Is sea freight a good match for my needs?

    Sea freight is most important for goods that are unsuitable for air travel. Larger items like furniture or vehicles, for example, cannot be sent by air, because of both large costs stemming from fuel expenses and the fact that items of this size just won’t fit in a plane. These are ideal to send by sea, as shipping containers are easily big enough for even some of the largest goods you could want to send.

    Items that aren’t suitable for sea freight are those which you want delivering relatively quickly. You need to remember that sea freight can take weeks to get to its destination. Any time-sensitive items should probably not be sent by sea freight.

  • How can I find affordable sea freight?

    There are many different sea freight companies around, all operating at wildly different price points and with a variety of features. With so many options, it can get quite difficult to know exactly which company is the perfect option for you, and which could cost far more than they’re worth.

    When you’re looking for the perfect sea freight options for your needs, just use Fast Courier Sea Freight Quote App. All you need to do is enter where your goods are going from and where you’re sending them to, along with some information about what you are sending, and we can find the perfect deal for you. If you’re looking to use sea freight in the near future, check out Fast Courier today.

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