Tips on How to Ship Linen

If you are shipping linens, it is usually easier to use a box. A box is impact-resistant, so it is better for posting. Boxes are usually cost-effective, so using them is a great idea. You can also use a padded envelope, but if you are shipping something that needs to be protected, then a box is preferred.

If you want to deliver lots of linen at the same time you will need to ensure it is properly packaged so that it arrives in one piece after postage. We recommend using a sturdy box or crate and filling the voids with bubble wrap and newspaper, then securely packing the linen in the box. This will help to prevent any damage to your linen during the delivery process. 

If you do not use a sturdy box or crate, we recommend wrapping the linen in bubble wrap and newspaper and then putting it in a strong plastic bag or covering it in a special linen courier bag. The bag should then be placed inside the box and the box filled with bubble wrap and newspaper to prevent movement and damage during transport.


Here’s a quick list of FAQs (and our corresponding responses) when sending linen that we think will help you on your next linen shipment:


What should I consider before I send my linen? 

You should consider how delicate your linen is and whether it requires washing and ironing before it is delivered. You should also check whether any of the items you plan to ship are too large to fit in a linen bag or a box. 

Should I buy a linen bag for my linen? 

Yes, you should buy a linen bag. This is a great way to protect your linen from being damaged during delivery. 

Should I buy a box for my linen? 

Yes, you should buy a box. This is an excellent way to protect your linen from being damaged during transport. 

Should I put my linen in a laundry bag before I send it? 

Yes, you should put your linen in a laundry bag. This will protect it from getting dirty during shipping. When you’re looking for a laundry bag, consider buying the plastic bag that your new clothes come in. 

Should I use dry cleaning bags to ship my linen? 

No, you should not use dry cleaning bags to ship your linen. This is because dry cleaning bags are not sturdy enough to protect your linen during postage. 

How many items can I send? 

You can post up to three items of linen per package. 

How much does it cost to send linen? 

The postage cost of sending linen can vary depending on the shipping company you choose. 

How do I send my linen? 

Before you send your linen, you should buy a linen bag, a box, and laundry bags. You should also put your linen in a laundry bag. You should also check the weight and dimensions of the package to make sure it will fit in the box. 

When you’re ready to ship your linen, you should contact a shipping company to make sure the package will be shipped properly. 

What are the benefits of sending linen? 

The benefits of sending linen include the following: 

It is easy to do. 

You can use the same box to transport other items. 

It is cheaper than dry cleaning. 

It is eco-friendly. 

You can save time by not having to dry clean your linen.


In addition, we’ve also made a short checklist of things to remember when transporting your linen via courier

  1. Pack your linen well. 
  2. Keep an eye on the size and weight of your package (the maximum size and weight vary according to carrier). 
  3. Choose the most appropriate type of courier (in terms of price and suitability for your package’s characteristics). 
  4. Use online tools to track your package during transport.


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