Sending Luggage by Sea

Sending luggage by sea is the most primitive ways of transporting people’s belongings and has been used since ancient times. But it is also the cheapest and most secure means of transport. It is the best way to send your luggage especially if you can wait for a long time. 

When looking for a transport company, it is important to make a comparison of the rates of several different courier companies to ensure that you get the best price and maybe find some deals on offer. If you find one that’s much less expensive than others, be sure to contact them to find out why. If they can’t give you a good reason for the lower price, you may want to go with another delivery company. 

Research the transport company you wish to use ahead of time and look at their reviews. If they have a lot of negative reviews, you might want to look at another company. 

Sending luggage via sea is actually not as difficult a process as one would imagine. The process of sending luggage by sea is as follows: 

  1. First of all, the luggage must be packed properly for postage. Luggage can not be sent if it is not completely packed. 
  2. Luggage must have the proper postage label. There must be a label on the box. Luggage that does not have a label will not be sent. 
  3. The luggage must be sent to the sea port. You can go to the sea port or have a courier company pick up your luggage. 
  4. You have to fill out a shipping form. This is a postage document that describes the contents of the luggage. This form must be signed by an adult who is not present at the time of shipping. 
  5. Shipping information is recorded by the courier company or the ship’s captain. Shipping information includes: 

– Name of the recipient 

– Shipping company 

– Address of the recipient 

– Place of departure 

– Place of arrival 

When the shipping company gets the information from the shipping form… 

  1. The ship departs from the port and goes to the delivery destination. When the ship arrives at the destination, the shipping company will contact the recipient to arrange the arrival of the goods. 
  2. Shipping companies will deliver the luggage to the recipient. They will contact the recipient about the time of delivery. If the recipient is not home at the time of delivery, the shipping company will leave a postage note. The recipient must go to the shipping company to pick up.

We hope this information helps you make your next luggage shipping experience smoother and hassle-free.

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