Roll Cloths for Shipping, Don’t Fold

Rolling is the best way to prepare your cloths for transport and also for storage because it will keep your cloths safe and secure for longer, especially during delivery. Here are a few tips for making your cloth rolls secure for sending via courier or postal service:

The best way to roll your cloths is to start with a good, tight roll and then tuck the edges of the cloths into the roll so they don’t unroll, especially during transport. Fold the cloths in half, lengthwise. Roll it as tightly as possible.

Roll your cloths in the opposite direction from how it folds naturally. If it folds horizontally, roll vertically. If it folds vertically, roll horizontally. If your cloths are folded from the store, leave it that way until you’re ready to roll it. If it has creases from being folded, you’ll have to break them before you roll. If you have a lot of folds, try to break them so they lay at a 90-degree angle from each other. 

Try to use a soft surface to roll on, like a rug or a towel. Sitting on a hard surface will cause your cloths to be pushed into the floor and become uneven. When you take a break from rolling, place your rolled cloths on top of a padded surface like a pillow or a quilt. Or, if you’re packing it into a bag, put it into a bag that has a padded surface. 

If you’re using dry cleaning bags, you can place your cloths inside the bag and fold the bag over the cloths to help avoid wrinkles during postage.

If you’re going to iron your cloths before rolling, make sure it’s completely wrinkle-free before you roll it. Wrinkles will make it difficult to roll. If you’re going to iron your cloths before shipping it, let it cool completely to avoid any scorching damage during transport.

When you’re ready to pack the rolls for transport, remember to tape a bag over the top and pack the roll of cloths into a corrugated box. Be sure to pad it well before posting for delivery. You may also want to pack two rolls of cloths if you’re nervous about shipping one. 

Pack the smaller scraps and remnants in a sturdy box and tape it shut, marking “Fragile” on the outside. Send your shipment with a tracking number for easier visibility during delivery. Usually, the courier company provides tracking services

If you want to be extra safe, you can send it via courier or postal service with delivery insurance, too. 

Because the package is to be shipped, keep it in a safe place prior to transport. If you are worried about your box being stolen or lost, you can rent a post office box, or send it to your place of work. 

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