Preparing Your Gym Equipment for Transport on a Pallet

Packing gym equipment properly with a pallet is an important step in ensuring that you can transport and deliver the equipment via courier with minimal damage. To properly pack gym equipment with a pallet, here are a few things you should consider: 


  1. The size of the pallet you choose will depend on the size and weight of the gym equipment you want to send for delivery. Most of the time, a standard pallet will be adequate to transport gym equipment via courier. 


  1. Before sending, the gym equipment should be secured on the pallet to prevent movement during shipping. This can be done with a net, a strap or a stretch wrap. 


  1. The item/s for posting should be placed on the pallet in a manner that allows for a cushion of protection during transport between the gym equipment and the shipping pallet. For example, a gym treadmill should be placed on a pallet with a protective layer of bubble wrap between the treadmill and the pallet. The protective layer should extend all around the treadmill. 


  1. Place your gym equipment on the pallet in a way that allows for the maximum amount of cushioning during postage. This can be done by placing “air bags” or other inflatable pads between each piece of gym equipment for delivery. 


  1. When sending gym equipment, components should be secured to the shipping pallet. This can be done with straps. If straps are not available, you can secure the gym equipment with a net before posting. 


  1. For additional protection, the gym equipment should be shrink wrapped before sending via courier. This will protect the equipment from the elements as it is being transported for posting. You can use shrink wrap as a substitute for a pallet wrap, but pallet wrapping is the method preferred by postal services and most courier service providers. 


  1. The gym equipment should have all of the original parts together. If the equipment has been disassembled to fit on the pallet, it should be reassembled before it is shrink wrapped for delivery. 


  1. Remember to label the gym equipment with all of the necessary information for sending. This includes the address of the warehouse where the equipment will be sent, along with the name of the person who is responsible for receiving the equipment. 


  1. The gym equipment should be shipped to the warehouse where it will be received. This is the only way to ensure that the equipment’s delivery is properly handled.


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