Packing Toys and Board Games for Shipping

With many courier companies charging by the size of the parcel, it’s important to make sure that toys and board games for delivery are packed well to ensure that they get transported to their destination in the same condition they first arrived in. 

Here are some tips on how to ensure that your toys arrive safely when sending via courier or postal service:

​​Prepare each item for delivery. Pack each toy item carefully in appropriate shipping materials. Provide appropriate shipping information in the shipping label or on the toys themselves. 

Send the toys with tracking information in an appropriate manner. The shipping label must be attached with tape so it doesn’t fall off the toys during shipping. Pack the toy tightly but not to squeeze it so much that shipping materials or other toys packed with it become damaged during transport.

Take apart larger toys before packing. Put toys that fit into a small box into a large box to fill the space. Pack toys that could damage other items for sending, such as plastic cars and trucks, in a separate box. 

Pack board games, card games, and puzzle toys with the game pieces inside so they don’t get damaged during transport. If you prefer to keep the game pieces in the box, slip them inside plastic bags. Put games in their original boxes or in boxes that are sturdy and strong. Collect the board game pieces in a plastic bag and slip the bag inside the box for sending.

When sending board games, make sure the original package won’t open during transport. For example, if you plan to send a board game in a cardboard box, make sure it’s well protected inside a bubble wrap. Use a lot of bubble wrap to make sure the box is protected from all sides. 

Same for a card game – if you have a plastic box, wrap it with bubble wrap so it won’t bump anything during transport. Larger games, like “big box” games, are best shipped with a “double box”: Use a thick cardboard box to ship the game first. Then, use a smaller box to protect the bigger box on the way.

Bubble wrap each item before packing for delivery. Use the heaviest boxes you have for posting small fragile toys. Pack toys in small containers or boxes that can be quickly opened or emptied. Use a sturdy box for toys that might be damaged if they shift or move around during postage. 

Use Styrofoam peanuts to protect breakables during delivery. Stuff plastic bubble wrap around the toys in the box. Wrap any loose toys or toy parts in newspaper or tissue paper.

Apply multiple layers of adhesive tape on all sides of the shipping box. This will help the box in case it gets wet, damaged or in cases in which a postal worker has to handle the package in a hasty manner. If a package is damaged in transit due to insufficient packaging, you can claim compensation from the courier or delivery service. 

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