Packing Pet Supplies in a Box for Shipping

Packing pet supplies in a box for transport and delivery is a doable task, but you must take care in how you do it. The following pet supply packing tips will help you get the job done and will have you transporting and delivering pet supplies in no time. 

  1. Make sure the box is large enough. 

The first thing you need to decide when you pack pet supplies in a box is the size of the box you will need. You want to make sure there is enough room in the box to fit all the supplies you will be transporting. 

Remember that these supplies will not take up the same amount of room as other items you would send via courier. For example, if the box is 1 foot square, you would not be able to fit supplies that are 2 foot square. 

If you need to ship a large item such as a pet bed, you may want to consider using a larger box than the 1 foot square box to send it in. 

You can also save on postage costs by using a larger box, as you will be able to fit more items in the box. 

  1. Use packing peanuts. 

Packing peanuts are a great way to fill large spaces in the box for sending. These are great for filling open spaces between the pet supplies you are delivering. 

When you use packing peanuts, make sure you don’t overdo it. You don’t want to fill the box so full that there is not enough space for the items you are shipping. 

  1. Stack items vertically. 

When you pack pet supplies in a box, you want to stack items vertically to save on shipping space. This will also save on shipping costs, as you will be able to fit more items into a smaller box. 

Stack the items as high as you can, but make sure they do not move around during transport. 

  1. Use clean, new wrapping paper. 

If you are shipping your pet’s toys, you may want to wrap them in clean, new wrapping paper. You can find large rolls of wrapping paper at the dollar store, or you can use a packing tape to wrap them before posting. 

  1. Try a shoe box to transport toys. 

If you have a toy that is small enough to fit into a shoe box, you can use the shoe box to send it in. You can tape the box shut, or use packing tape to make sure it will not open during shipping. 

  1. Keep the original box for sending food. 

If your pet’s food comes in a gift box, you can simply use that gift box to ship it in. You can also save on shipping costs by using a gift box as opposed to a postage box. The gift box will be smaller, but you will be able to fit more items in it. 

  1. Choose a plastic bag for loosely packaged food. 

If you are shipping your pet’s food via courier or postal service, you can use a plastic bag to ship it. You can place the bag in a box and tape it shut, or you can place it in a larger box and fill the empty spaces with packing peanuts. 

  1. Purchase a postage bag for toys. 

If you want to ship your pet’s toys, you can use a bag made for shipping items with couriers. This bag will be clean, and you will be able to tape it shut and secure for delivery. 

  1. Use a plastic tub to protect your pet’s bedding. 

If you are shipping your pet’s bedding, you can use a plastic tub to ship it. You can fill the tub with packing peanuts to make sure it does not move around during shipping.

We hope these tips help make your pet supplies delivery experience easier. Visit Fast Courier for the best-suited courier service bookings and the fastest quote comparisons in Australia!

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