Packing Car Spares for Shipping

Before you start packing your car spares for transport, note this: Tires, rims, and exhaust pipes are quite heavy and bulky. You should not expect to pack these types of car spares in a small box for posting. Pack each item separately. Do not pack anything that might be damaged by fluids. 

Sweep and clean the area where you will be packing. Wear gloves and eye protection. Look for cracks or other signs of damage. When you’re ready to start packing your car spares, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Before shipping, disassemble car spares and other components (if applicable)

Use the appropriate tools to remove any leftover parts from the car. Make sure that all parts are securely fastened before transport. The screws must not protrude from the surface. 

Use a suitable container to store car spares that can fall off during transport, such as screws, bulbs, etc. Store loose wires and cables in a suitable container before posting. All car spares being shipped must be securely fastened. Use the original packaging, if available. Remove any tape from the postage box. The packaging should not be marked or labeled. 

Before shipping car spares, it is important to thoroughly clean the box you will use. Use a damp cloth to remove any dirt and grease. Do not use solvents or strong cleaners. Do not ship batteries or unpackaged electronic waste via courier.

Empty out any lubricants or liquids within tanks to prevent leaks. 

Make sure your car spares are clean and dry before transporting. When shipping, place the tanks on their sides and pack them in a heavy-duty box with plenty of bubble wrap. Tanks that are used to store liquid or solid materials should be packed in Styrofoam or plastic to prevent leaks and damage during delivery. 

If you ship a tank that holds a substance that’s flammable, make sure the tank is properly labeled and packaged for posting to ensure it doesn’t leak and make sure it’s shipped on a flatbed or lorry. 

Use a courier that provides tracking service to monitor the tank’s transport and delivery. If the tank arrives damaged, you can put in a claim with the courier company. 

If you’re sending a tank that holds dangerous chemicals, don’t ship it on a cargo plane. Always check with your local authorities and courier service providers to find out how to properly ship car spares such as tanks. 

When packing your car spares, use corrugated cardboard to wrap around sharp edges of metal items

If you have a box with a flimsy bottom, place a second box inside it before packing. Pack car spares in a manner that prevents them from bumping into other things in the box during delivery.

Use bubble wrap to pack different car spares separately

This way, if anything breaks (hopefully nothing), you can replace it. You can also use bubble wrap to keep small items together. This way, you’ll not lose any of them during transit. 

Another great packing material that you can use is binder clips. These are extremely useful in keeping different things together. For example, you can use them to hold wires together. They’re also great for keeping any small item attached to larger ones.

Put small car spare items in plastic pouches

When shipping a small part, place it in a plastic bag, then place that bag into an envelope. Put the address label on the outer plastic bag. If you are shipping parts to several different addresses, place each part in its own plastic bag, then put the bags into one large box. 

For very small parts, a padded envelope is a good way to go. Pack the box so that the small parts do not shift around in transit. You can wrap bubble wrap around them, or put them in a plastic bag and then wrap them in bubble wrap.

Secure with an appropriate filler. 

Use anti-static packing peanuts and foam wrap to avoid any extra damage during delivery. 

Place your items into the box for sending. The best method for this is to place your largest objects in first, and then fill in the empty spaces with smaller objects. This will help to accommodate for any extra space that might occur.

If needed, put “Fragile” or “Handle with care” labels on the boxes for sending

You can also add a barcode sticker with your contact information to your package. This way if a package is lost during delivery, the postal service can find the package’s sender. You can also print your return address on the label.

For more information on how to package your car spares for sending, check out the Fast Courier website today!

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