How to Safely Ship a Laptop

Before you do anything to prepare your laptop for transport, take a picture of the exterior of the laptop. This will be your way of documenting the condition of the item before it is shipped.

Find a suitable courier

Many online stores allow shipping for your laptop at a fee and also shipping it back to you at their expense. If delivering the laptop to you and then back at your expense, try to negotiate with the seller if they can ship it back to you for a cheaper rate. 

If you are buying a used laptop directly from a student or someone who has already graduated, it is possible that they have a package deal to transport the laptop to their destination for a cheaper rate.

​​Laptop battery

When sending a laptop to some destinations, such as Australia, the lithium battery must be removed. Lithium batteries are considered hazardous materials. If you need to ship a laptop with a lithium battery, contact a local courier service provider to find out if they offer this transport service. Some courier services include a packaging kit specifically designed for the laptop.

Packaging the laptop

It’s most ideal to use the laptop’s original packaging for shipping. However, this is not usually the case especially for used laptops.

In the more likely event that you don’t have the original packaging, choose a box only slightly larger than the laptop and make sure you protect the laptop with several layers of padding, such as bubble wrap. Do not completely fill the box with padding, as this will reduce the amount of air in the box and will increase the risk of damage during transport. 

Finally, add a few wraps of tape to the box. In addition to securing it closed, this will add a little more cushioning. Use a padded envelope. If you must send your laptop in a padded envelope, include an extra layer of packaging, such as bubble wrap.

Secure the packaging

You should take particular care when sealing the lid of the laptop box. You can use a band of parcel tape around the lid to seal it shut, but if you have a laptop with a particularly large lid then you may need to use a lot of tape to make sure that it is properly sealed before delivery. 

If you are sending a very expensive laptop for delivery, then you may want to make use of the special pre-paid satchels that are available at most post offices. These satchels are designed to protect the goods that they are sent with, and can be opened up to check that the goods that they contain are in good condition. 

The final thing that you will need to do is to attach the address label to the parcel. You can do this using parcel tape or if you are sending the package to a business then you may want to use a sticker.


Use a marker to indicate where the outer box’s contents should be placed. If you don’t, the shipping company will likely throw away the contents of the retail box and leave the outer box. 

You should also write a description of the contents on the outside of the outer shipping box. Ideally, this description should include the original retail box’s dimensions, so the delivery company knows the box fits. 

Courier companies also typically prefer to know the shipping box’s dimensions. After you have labeled the shipping box, you should pack the outer shipping box with all of the contents inside. The outer shipping box should be packed tightly enough to avoid shifting and the possibility of damage during transport. 

While you can try your hand at posting your box by yourself, it will likely be more convenient and cost-effective to hire a shipping company.

Packing the laptop’s accessories

​​​​​​​Place items in the shipping box, filling in all available spaces. ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Use the most appropriate type of packing material for the item you are shipping. ​​​​​​​Wrap any fragile items in their own layer of bubble wrap. Secure any loose items in their own layer of bubble wrap. ​​​​​​​Wrap any items that could shift also in their own layer of bubble wrap.

Shipment labeling

Place your postage information within the package, in case the outside gets damaged. You can also place a second label on the inside of the box with this information. You should also post a tracking number and a link to the tracking information on your website and social media pages. This will help your customers follow the delivery progress of their orders and also reduce the likelihood that they will contact you with questions about it.

Make sure the outer box is secure

Put the inner box inside the outer box and fill in any gaps around the inner box with more tape. Label the box on the outside to identify the contents.

Attach and seal your labels 

Place your shipping labels on your package and seal it. Before shipping your package, make sure you have all the necessary customs information and receipts.

​​Courier handover

You can track your package by entering your tracking number on the couriers website. If you use the post office to ship your laptop, you will be given a tracking number. 

You will also be given the option to insure your package during checkout. While this is not necessary, it can reduce the chances of your laptop becoming damaged or lost in transit. If your laptop becomes damaged during shipping, you may be able to claim compensation from the courier. However, this is not common. 

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