How to Pack a Quilt for Shipping

A quilt is a large item and it is not always possible to ship via courier on a standard delivery pallet. Larger quilts can be rolled and shipped in a box that is padded with packing peanuts. The box is also sealed with tape on all sides before sending through a courier service for delivery. 

To save time and money for transport and delivery, it is a good idea to have a quilt shipped in a box that is already the right size. You can then save the box for sending quilts through post in the future as well. 

You will want to fold your quilt into a size that will fit into a cardboard postage box. The size of a standard cardboard box is a bit over a foot wide by a foot high by two feet long. If you are not sure about fitting your quilt into a postage box, you can use the cardboard box that your quilt was delivered in!


Packing the quilt in a box 

First, put the quilt face down on a large table or other flat surface. 

Smooth out all wrinkles so that it is flat before packing. 

Place the quilt in the box so that the entire quilt is on one side of the box you are posting. 

Fill the box with packing peanuts until the quilt is completely covered. 

Line the box with paper to keep the peanuts from spilling out through the box during delivery. 

Seal the box with tape on all sides. 


Packing the quilt in a bag 

Depending on the size of the quilt, another option is to have it wrapped in plastic and then send it in a bag. If the quilt is very large, it is sometimes necessary to wrap it around a cardboard tube and then pack it in a bag before sending it in post. 

It is a good idea to have the quilter wrap the quilt in plastic before shipping it. Either clear plastic or colored plastic can be used. Clear plastic allows the quilt to be seen through it. Colored plastic hides the quilt. 

Plastic wrap is not a good option because it is not strong enough to hold the quilt together in a bag during transport. 

If the quilt is too large to wrap around a cardboard tube, you can use a large box with a cardboard insert and then wrap the quilt around that cardboard before sending it for transport via courier

Then, you can wrap the box in plastic and then shipping tape it shut. 

Note: It is a good idea to pack the cardboard tube or cardboard box inside the shipping bag with the quilt. This will help prevent the cardboard from breaking during shipping and causing damage to the quilt in transport.

Hope this helps your quilt packing! For more tips and for the fastest online courier quote comparisons and transport bookings in Australia, visit Fast Courier today!

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