How to Correctly Label Your Envelope for Delivery in Australia

To minimise the risk of your envelope being lost during delivery via courier and to ensure it safely arrives at its intended transport destination, it is important to label the envelope correctly before sending it for transport via the postal service or courier.

The most important thing is to make sure you have used the country code ‘AU’. If you forget to include the AU code, you will put your envelope at risk of being delayed or even lost during transport. 

A country code is a two or three-letter code that represents a particular country. It is used to identify the country where your envelope is being transported to. It is usually written in capital letters and placed in front of the postal code. 

When you are writing an address, the country code should be written in capital letters. The country code for Australia is AU. 

It is also recommended to put the name of the state your envelope is being delivered to. Often this includes the city or town. If you are sending your envelope to a private address, you will need to include the street name and number. 

If you are sending your envelope to an organisation, you will need to include the full delivery address. This should include the company name (if the envelope is being delivered to a business), street name, city, state and zip code. 


The address format for Australia is: 



State City or Town Street Address 


The order of the address is: 


Country code (AU) 

State City or town 

Street address 


For example: 



VIC Melbourne 

123 Main St 


For an example of how to write an address using this format, you can visit the Australia Post website. 

In addition, if you are sending an envelope to a business, you will need to include the company name.

Writing an Australian address from an overseas shipping origin

When writing an address in Australia, it’s important to include the correct postcode, state and country to ensure that your envelope or parcel gets transported safely and can easily be handled by the courier service. 

The first step to writing an Australian address is to find the full name of the recipient. This should be written in full and includes the title Mr, Mrs or Ms, or Dr if the recipient of the shipment is a doctor. 

Most Australians are now using the two-letter state/territory abbreviation, e.g. NSW for New South Wales. 

The next step is to find the postcode. This is not always necessary, but can be essential when shipping, e.g. for mail sent via Australia Post. 

A postcode is a series of letters and/or numbers that indicate the exact address of the shipment’s recipient. Australia Post provides a postcode finder, which can be used to find the postcode. 

In Australia, the postcode is written as a series of capital letters, e.g. NSW 2000. This should be written as a row, above the line. Next, the country should be written, e.g. AUSTRALIA. The country should be written in capital letters. Finally, the name of the city should be written, e.g. SYDNEY.

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