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Freight Transport, Freight Transportation, Freight Forwarding or Freight Shipping is the process of transporting products, commodities and merchandise goods from origin to destination by land, by air or by sea. The term ‘Logistics’ is also commonly used in the shipping industry to refer to Freight Transport.

Freight is defined as any goods and products transported in bulk by truck, train, ship or aircraft. Any shipment that weighs approximately 70kg or more is considered freight. It is transported domestically or internationally. The term ‘Cargo’ is very similar as it also refers to the goods being delivered via different modes of transportation. But unlike ‘Freight’, it can also be used in reference to mail and other non-commercial items. Although today, the differences between these terms have blurred more and more, resulting in the use of both terms interchangeably.

Freight Transport has become crucial to delivering goods to their intended destination on time, safely, cost-efficiently and within the set rules & regulations of product transportation. Whatever mode of shipping you might choose for your delivery, modernization has allowed freight transport companies to be highly beneficial for individual clients and businesses looking to deliver products.


Freight transport services significantly reduce delivery costs; have access to the shipping industry’s leading cargo carriers; and they can ensure the safety and timeliness of your product’s delivery.

The client’s energy and efforts are focused on their business. They don’t usually have the time to gather the knowledge and information needed to find the most cost effective or fastest way to deliver their products. Professional freight service providers offer access to their established networks and expertise to address these shipping challenges. Online freight and courier service providers, like Fast Courier, can provide a link between your business and freight transport experts.

As mentioned before, there are different modes of freight transport available, depending on the amount and the type of goods being delivered: land or ground (which includes truck and rail), sea (barges and cargo ships), and air (commercial and cargo planes).

Ground or land freight is the most commonly used mode of transport. This includes both truck and rail (freight trains).

Truck is considered the easiest and most flexible mode of road freight forwarding because it uses roads and can deliver door-to-door. In fact, when shipping by rail, air or sea, the origin or port pick-up and final delivery stages of the shipment process still have to be done by trucks because business facilities and establishments are rarely located near ports or railroads.

Meanwhile, train rail freight is most advantageous when transporting larger volumes of goods and for moving cargo in bulk. It is the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly option compared to other modes. Its fuel efficiency contributes to lower prices and costs of transportation. It is also more suited than trucks for handling inland bulk shipments covering longer distances across states or countries.

A lot of freight transport is also done using ships, both domestically and internationally. Though ocean freight may not be a good option for time-sensitive cargo, it is dependable and ideal for regular product shipments in bulk. It is also highly advantageous for transporting larger volumes of freight, especially between different countries.

Air freight transportation is generally the fastest method for long-distance shipments, but it can also be the most expensive. Depending on the size, weight and time preferences, cargo and freight can be transported on a cargo aircraft especially designed for the purpose of transporting goods; or along with passengers, in the luggage compartment of a commercial aircraft. Air transport is flexible in terms of offering delivery service to a wide range of shipment sizes. It gives high visibility during transit and provides detailed tracking of your shipment during transport.

FInally, there is intermodal freight transport. This refers to freight shipments involving two or more different modes of transportation. In particular, it refers to the use of Intermodal Containers. An intermodal container is a type of metal shipping container specifically designed for more convenient and easier loading and unloading of cargo between ship, plane, rail and truck. It is designed to be airtight and comes in standard sizes for international freight shipments, adding security and safety to your cargo, and making it easier to handle during transfers.

Determining freight transport rates and pricing depends on many factors including your product’s weight and size, the mode or method of shipping, distance, time limitations, and specific handling requirements (such as fragile items or perishable goods).

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Volumetric weight, sometimes called dimensional weight, refers to the amount of space your package occupies on a truck or aircraft while it is being shipped. In other words, volumetric weight is the size—not the weight—of your package. Oftentimes a service will measure both the volumetric weight and the actual weight of a parcel; the bigger of the two numbers is then used to determine the cost of shipping.

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